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Chapter Two: Worlds Colliding
02-21-2017, 08:37 PM, (This post was last modified: 02-22-2017, 06:07 PM by Akirapryde.)
Amassing an Army (Part One)
(OOC: Changed Orar which means Pray, to Presa to cover the actual meaning)

Amassing an Army (Part One)
Headquarters of the Trade Federation
Colonies World of Neimoidia
Date: 2919 AOK (Six Months after Auro’s Birthday)

The vast complex of the Trade Federation would normally be considered a place of refuge for the leaders of the vast empire. However, not today. It all started when a Republic Cruiser made an uncommon request to land directly at the complex. The cruiser stated that they had experienced engine troubles and needed to land. While the request was unexpected and uncommon, it was granted.

That was when things went wrong. Instead of a Republic crew, a group of strange aliens attacked the landing pad crews. At first it appeared that the Trade Federation was under attack by Jedi, but then it became clear that these were no Jedi. They moved fast and overwhelmed the droids that were guarding locations around the complex. As the group started to fan out, a group of six headed straight for the heart of the complex and the location where the leader of the Trade Federation.

The droids were unable to stop the groups as they continued to march forward. The Cruiser was blocking all transmissions from the complex. The Viceroy of the Trade Federation was cut off from his massive armies and soon would be at the hands of these strange attackers. It wasn’t long before the group of six were at the door to the safe room, where the Viceroy had sought protection.

The blaster fire from beyond the large blast door was muffled, yet it was enough to strike fear in the hearts of those in the room. In the large room, a group of Neimoidians stood hoping that their droids would do away with these intruders. Woven in to the sounds of blaster fire were sounds of lightsabers whooshing about. It was the hail mark of an intense battle just beyond the door. It was clear that their hopes would not be fulfilled.

“I told you,” Nute Gunray said. “We should have never allowed him to land.”

Some of them stood around a large table listening to what was going on outside the room. A few set down at control consoles trying to get a signal through to jamming. The last four cowered in the far corner.

“We should try to reach the Republic,” Lok Durd said with fear in his voice.

“And invite the Republic to search our laboratories!” Viceroy Hask said with a huff. He turned to his techs, “where are those droidekas” he cried out as the blaster fire started to trail off.

A tech looked up from her station, “they have already arrived!”

The Viceroy turned to the large monitor. “Show me,”

The monitor came alive and showed the hallway just beyond the door. The corridor was filled with smoke from the massive amount of blaster fire. As the smoke started to clear, everyone inside the room saw that the corridor was littered with burned and destroyed droids and droid parts. Four Driodekas laid smashed and broken on the ground.

“Turn the image” the Viceroy ordered.

Slowly the images started to turn to reveal more destruction and more broken droid parts. A band of six cloaked figures walked up the corridor towards the camera. Five were of a race none of them had seen before. It was their leader, they knew all too well. Despite his glowing red eye, and cybernetic arm, he was unmistakable. He was Graff Tirrel, the grandson to the late Supreme Chancellor of the Republic.

Graff walked up to the moving recorder, “open the door Viceroy, or I promise you. You will not live to see these negations completed. NOW OPEN THIS DOOR!”

The Viceroy turned, “seal the blast door!”

On that order the massive inner doors of the blast doors slid in to position. This section of the complex was now cut off from the rest of the complex. It was a last-ditch effort to protect everyone inside from the attackers outside.

Gunray turned and watched the door carefully, “it will not be enough.”

On the monitor, Graff reached and through the Force ripped the recorder off the wall. Within a minutes five little red marks started to glow through the thick blast door. As the marks started to grow in brightness, two more emerged in the center of the door. To everyone’s horror the lightsabers were burning their way through the door.

“They are still coming,” cried a tech.

The Viceroy turned to the droids in the room, “if they step through that door, kill them!”

The B1 battledroids nodded and said “Roger Roger” in unison as they advanced forward in formation. The twenty battle droids formed a double line in front of the door. The first rank dropped to a knee while the rank behind them raised their weapons. Within seconds all twenty droids were pointing their weapons at the door.

The red marks continued to grow until they all joined in to one large red hot mark on the door. As the red glow continued to grow, the heat from the door could easily be felt in the room. The heat radiated off the door and it could be seen with the naked eye. Within seconds the door started to melt from the center while those inside watched with horror. After a few more moments, the metal started to melt from the entire door. Then without warning the door exploded inward hitting the droids with molting metal. Everyone in the room dove for cover in hopes of nothing behind hit by….anything.

As the droids scream and people drove for cover, two strange creatures leaped in to the room through the door. At first everyone focused on the red lightsabers their carried, but then other details came in to focus. While these strange aliens appeared to be humanoid, they had fur all over their bodies. Their faces appeared to be human faces covered with fur. But it was their teeth that drew the most attention. Their teeth showed that they were clearly carnivores. Those white jagged, sharp teeth gripped one’s worst fears. Their fiery red-rimmed yellow catlike eyes seemed to only make these creatures more terrifying.

Each had long horns that appeared to be ridged as it to mark the ages of the horns. Each of their horns appeared different in lengths, they all held the same general shape. A wide slightly inward curve facing away from them. While the backside of their horns curved in to a rounded edge. These horns twisted and bent in to a slightly circular shape on either side of the head. Their surprising mobility was thanks to their backward bent legs. These legs were nearly twice as long as their body and gave them remarkable flexibility in their reflexes. These legs allowed them to leap from side to side with great ease.

Within seconds, the five strange creatures dispatched the remaining battle droids with ease. To the observer, they moved and fought like Jedi, but they were no Jedi. This much was clear to those within the room. They seemed to crave the destruction that they had brought. Their advance in to the room was only halted when a deep sinister voice called out, “Detener!” The disappointing look in their eyes when they were forced to stop before killing those inside caused the Neimoidians to move towards the back of the room.

The creatures stopped half from the burned blast door and the large meeting table. They stood there with their red lightsabers activated. They wore cloaks that were pelts of black fur. The hoods of their cloaks were that of some strange canine creature. As if their own image wasn’t terrifying enough, the hoods had long white fangs that dropped down to cover a part of the upper face. The creatures smiled out from under their hoods waiting for the order to kill.

The group stood in a V shaped formation with a female with shorter horns at the point. Her eyes shifted from one Neimoidian to another. She caught the eye of one of the male Neimoidians. He looked at her with fear. In return, she slowly licked her fangs as if to indicate, he was her next meal. A soft giggle slipped from her lips as he withdrew deeper in to the group. “Presa,” she said and the others laughed.

Within seconds the large man known as Graff stepped through the burning, red hot opening. Like the others, he too wore a black fur cloak with a strange canine head. Unlike theirs, his seemed more pronounced, more ceremonial. He called out in a deep booming voice, “Viceroy!” At the same time, he reached through the Force. The Viceroy screamed as he was pulled forward while Graff continued. “I warned you,” he spat coldly and slammed the Viceroy down in to the puddle of molting metal.

The Viceroy screamed out as his clothes started to smoke. Hask fought trying to get up from the metal which was burning him alive. Smoke continued to rise from his flesh as the others could do nothing but watch. Horror continued to fill their faces as they watched their leader being burned alive. His screams filled the chamber as Graff stood over him holding him through the Force. For those in the room touched by the force, the movement of the darkside couldn’t be missed. The light was being corrupted and twisted with each passing moment.

The strange alien creatures only offered a slight smile as their eyes shifted from each other then back to the other Neimoidians. The red glow of their lightsabers cast a red glow in their catlike eyes. The effect seemed to have a fearful effect on the Neimoidians. It was those facial expressions that sent pure terror through the other Neimoidians. This only highlighted the delight in the creatures’ eyes.

As the flames erupted from under Viceroy Hask, his screams intensified greatly. Graff only smiled at the suffering. Graff pressed Hask down in to the melted metal forcing the frail body merge with the metal as it cools. Hask finally stopped moving and his screams ended. In that moment, Graff felt the life leave the Neimoidian. He released the pressure that was holding the body over the pile of metal. Graff felt the darkside around him as he turned to face the other. Like the strange creature, Graff’s eyes were also fiery red-rimmed yellow.

The Neimoidians all tried to move back in to each other as Graff moved forward. He pointed to Nute Gunray and said, “Come here, Gunray.”

Nute Gunray slowly advanced toward the creatures that stood between Graff of the Neimoidians. “I am sure that we can strike some kind of arrangement.”

“Gato!” Graff ordered.

The female creature who was at the point of the V leaped forward with blinding speed. She spun in midair at Nute Gunray. Her lightsaber only made the slightest of a hiss when it passed through his neck. She landed on the other side of Gunray with prefect balance. Her attack was masterful and would have made any Weapons’ Master impressed. Before the other Neimoidians knew what had happened, Nutt Gunray head slid from his neck and dropped on to the floor. The creature shivered with delight as she let out another giggle.

“I am not looking to strike deals,” Graff said as the female creature slowly shifted her eyes from one Neimoidian to the other while she returned to her place in the formation. “I am in need of an army, and you have one of the finest that are not regulated by the Republic.” He walked forward as the V formation moved forward with him. “My family,” he said then paused and remembered that his family was no more. The pain in his voice was clear, “my family many trade dealings with the Federation. I am told that it was the Federation that betrayed them.”

“That’s a LIE!” cried out Lok Durd.

Graff thought about killing the man, but choose against it, for now. He reached the table as his minions fanned out in a protective posture. The small female from the point leaped up on to the table and walked with confidence. Graff ran a finger on the table as he final spoke, “I sense someone among you.” He said softly closing his eyes and reaching out with the force. “I can feel you” he added with a smile. He opened his eyes and scanned his hostages. He then saw her. He pointed a finger at her, “you, come here” he said taking a seat at the head of the table.

Terror filled her eyes as she was pushed, shoved forward by her fellow Neimoidians. On weak legs, she walked towards the table as the small female creature watched her. The creature smiled showing off her jagged teeth. The female Neimoidian backed up a bit from the table as she tried to move to where Graff was seated. Fear kept her eyes locked on the small female creature on the table. From behind her, one of the other creatures stepped forward and whispered “Presa.” The poor Neimoidian about came out of her skin as she screamed and jumped. The creatures laughed.

“Déjala ser” Graff said calmly and rose from his chair. As he spoke, the creatures backed away from her. He placed a soft hand on the Neimoidian’s shoulder. “Ella es como nosotros” he added speaking to them once more. Then he turned to face her, “we are like you. Oppressed,” he said softly. He guided her to a chair at the table, “I know you are a clone.”

Her face lit up with shock, “how……how can you know that?”

He nodded as he set in a chair next to her, “the Force is an amazing thing.” He reached forward and brought her hand to the table and cupped it in his. “Like you, my friends and I were oppressed as well.” He glanced at the creatures, “Their story is truly a sad one. Driven from their homes and in to the wastelands of their word at the hands of a religious cult. That cult was aided by a fanatic wing of the Jedi. The very same Jedi that murdered my Grandfather and sister.”

He saw the fear in her eyes, “no no, don’t child. I am not here for revenge.” He then turned towards the other Neimoidians, “unless you feel that that is required.”

He turned back to her, “Please tell me your name. I am Graff Tirrel.” His voice was soft, reassuring and filled with compassion.

She shook with fear as her eyes shifted glanced over at the two dead bodies. “Mik….Regrap” she stuttered, “Please.....please.... I am just a liaison.” She couldn't bring herself to look at the large Graff. “Please, don’t kill me.”

He smiled as he placed his hand on her shoulder. He felt her terror raises he spoke, “I am not here to kill you. I am here to liberate you. No longer will you be forced to serve masters. You and your fellow clones will finally be able to stand side by side with other races, as their equals.”

He got up from his chair, “while we are around, you will never have to fear again.” He walked passed her as she dropped her head in thought. “Now, you will transfer command of all your droid units to me.”

“We can’t do that,” one of the other Neimoidians said as he stepped forward. “There are protocols in place. That simply can’t be done.” The man stopped just short of the table where Graff was standing of the other side. Between them was that smaller creature that had killed Gunray.

The man was lying, and Graff picked up on it. Anger crossed over Graff’s face as he commanded, “Gato!”

The smaller of the creatures on the table shifted forward and brought her lightsaber up cutting the man up the center. It wasn’t as graceful as her killing on Gunray, but it was effective to let the others know what would happen to them. It also allowed the others to realize that Gato was the name of this one creature. Or it meant a kill command that one would use with a monster.

“You don’t understand the situation,” Graff said coldly, “I have been sent by the Force to liberate the galaxy from the oppression of the Republic. Those at the top of my list, are clones. Those at the bottom of my list are those who have abused those on my list. There are only two places for anyone in my galaxy. You either stand beside me, or before me.”

He scanned their faces, “in short either you are of use to me, or I have no need for you.” Graff could see the message was well received. “So, I will tell you again, Transfer all your droid commands to me.”

One of the techs walked over to his station and started to carry out Graff order. Graff smiled at the compliance of the Tech. When he finished, he turned to Graff, “like her, I too am a clone.” He said and pointed to another tech, “so is she.” He turned his attention back to Graff, “I have set up what you have asked for. But one of them needs to be the one to execute the command.” He looked down, “please, liberate us.”

Graff smiled and motioned for the two techs to come over to his side of the table. “See gentlemen,” he said to the remaining Neimoidians. “We can work together,” he scanned their eyes once more. “Who will be the first to raise from those who abuse to those who are righteous.”

For a moment, it appeared as if the Neimoidians wouldn’t cave. But then suddenly, one ran over to the tech station and initiated the command. His hands moved over the station as if he was fearful someone would try to stop him or beat him to salvation. When he was finished, he turned to Graff, “there, it’s done. You will have command of every Trade Federation droid and ship.” He stepped forward in hopes of joining those who would be saved.

The small creature on the table reactivated her lightsaber and blocked his movement. Graff smiled and nodded, “good. Good” he said but the Force warned him of treachery.

Mik rose from her chair, a movement that caught the eyes of Graff’s little friends. She turned him, “did you mean what you said about liberating the Clones?”

Graff turned in surprise, “yes” he said truthfully.

Mik nodded as she walked towards the tech station, “there is a security protocol in each of the droids to prevent someone from doing what you are attempting.”

“TRAITOR!” the man who fulfilled Graff’s request yelled and pulled a knife from his cloak. before anyone could say a word, the whooshing of a lightsaber filled the air as the one called Gato removed his arm at the elbow. The man let out a scream of pain as he fell back to his group.

Graff smiled, “please, correct the issue.”

Mik nodded as she finished walking over to the station. “Can I ask you something?”

Graff followed her over to the tech station, “yes.”

As she worked to fix the trap she asked her question, “what do they call you?” she said speaking of the creatures in the room with them.

He smiled, “Rey del cielo.”

She nodded as her fingers worked over the control, “what does that mean?”

Loosely translated, “Sky King.”

She stopped what she was doing and turned to him. “Thanks to his” she said speaking of the man who lost his arm, “command password, I was able to correct the issue. You NOW have full command of the Trade Federation armies. And no one can change it. I made sure.” She looked down for a moment then back in to his eyes, “You also have my loyalty and service.”

Graff took her hand, “you don’t need to serve me.”

“I was created to serve,” she said softly. “I had no choice before today.” She slowly backed up and bowed, “I do this of my own free will, My King.”

He smiled and motioned her to follow him. With Mik just behind him, he walked up to the two tech clones, “server her well or I will return.” On that, they both nodded. Graff, Mik and the two techs walked towards the breached blast door. The other Neimoidians watched as the creatures walked backwards as they followed Graff’s departure. Graff helped the three clones through the melted door before following them. He reached down and picked up Hask’s Viceroy Hat.

As Graff stepped through the burned hole of the door he vanished from sight. The creatures stopped at the door facing the Neimoidians. One of the Neimoidians turned to another, “is it over? Are we free now?”

In the corridor, Mik glanced at Graff, “you know, My King, they’ll betray you at the first chance they get.”

Graff nodded, “I know,” and fell silent. Then without Graff called out, “Gato, matalos” On that command, the corridor erupted with sounds of lightsabers in action and the screams of the dying.
02-22-2017, 10:09 PM,
Amassing an Army (Part Two)
Amassing an Army (Part Two)
Town of Visbin
Outer Rim World of Olivan
Date: 2919 AOK (Six & half Months after Auro’s Birthday)

The scene was chaotic, blood had sprayed everywhere. Things were knocked over, and the large mirror on the dresser was cracked. A body laid half on the bed, as if he had attempted to sit down but missed. The body of the victim was naked, and his chest was covered with blood. The source of the blood had come from a jagged knife cut that crossed the neck. Beyond the knife wound, there were many other knife wounds across the body. The bloody knife rested in a evidence bag on the bed next to the victim.

Next to a chair that had been knocked over, a Republic uniform laid on the floor. The shoulder insignia indicated that the uniform belonged to the Baklid Rangers. Over the symbol of a masked soldier, was a large number three indicating the unit was the Third Baklid Rangers. On the chest of the shirt was a metal hung to a bright and colorful ribbon. The rank on the uniform was that of a Lance Corporal

Master Milani walked in to the crime scene with an emotionless face. She had been briefed on the crime scene. Reports from other members of the victim’s unit stated that there was a fight between the victim and a local prostitute. As she walked in, Master Milani shook her head at the scene. The reports taken by first responders stated that no one was clear on what started the fight. Just that as the transaction was about to be completed, the fight broke out. She walked over to the table next to the chair. She placed a square metal box on the table. The accused had been apprehended just outside of the village.

“I am Master Benedikt Milani, Member of the Grand Jedi Council, Commander of the Twenty-Seventh Strike Division, Senior Jedi Investigator,” Master Milani said out loud for everyone to hear. It was clear that she was speaking to the little metal box. “The victim is not a member of my direct command nor do I have a person relationship with the victim. Therefore, there is no just cause to recuse myself from these proceedings.” She stopped and turned to the others in the room. “Are there any objections.”

The other two Republic offices and other troopers one by one all voiced a no. On that note Master Milani continued, “considering no objections, I will act as judge over this tribunal. Let the record show that on this date, at this hour, I am officially opening this Tribunal.”

She motioned to one of her officers who stepped forward, “I am Captain Fin Enrique, ARC Trooper First Class. Commander 1st Battalion, Twenty-Seventh Strike Division. The victim is not a member of my command nor do I share a personal relationship with the victim. Therefore, there are no reasons to recuse myself from these proceedings.”

Master Milani broke in, “are there any objections?” A moment of silence passed before she continued, “let the official record show there were no objections. You may continue Captain.”

Captain Enrique continued, “I will take my place as witness over this tribunal.”

Master Milani motioned to another one of her officers, who stepped forward. “I am Commander Leon Pe’isk, Arc Trooper First Class, Executive Officer 1st Battalion, Twenty-Seventh Strike Division. The victim is not a member of my command nor do I share a personal relationship with the victim. Therefore, there are no reasons to excuse myself from these proceedings.”

Master Milani broke in, “are there any objections?” A moment of silence passed before she continued, “let the official record show there were no objections. You may continue Captain.”

Commander Pe'isk continued, “I will take my place as witness over this tribunal.”

“Under Republic Law, this Jedi Tribunal has been formed to investigate and resolve this crime,” Master Milani said. She then motioned to everyone, “will everyone please depart the room for a moment. Once everyone had moved from the room she stood in the doorway, “The official record will scan the crime scene and record it for general evidence.”

A green light illuminated from the box and engulfed the room. After a second the light narrowed in to a tight line the ran from the center of the ceiling to the center of the floor. The light slowly move in a large circle as it scanned the room. There were areas like where the body laid, where the beam changed its shape to take in the full scope of the evidence. Once the scan was completed, the box announced, crime scene evidence had been recorded.

Master Milani walked over to the uniform on the floor. She bent down to look at it. The two witnesses followed her as she spoke, “let the record show that the victim was Lance Corporal Seth Matis of the Third Baklid Rangers,” She said calmly. She picked up the shirt and neatly folded so that the ribbon was on top. She placed on the chair. “I had pinned this very medal on him a few hours ago. He was recognized for bravery and valor under fire. Based on the reports of that battle, he saved several his comrades in arms.”

“It’s always a shame to lose a fine soldier like this,” Captain Enrique said.

Master Milani nodded as she stood up. She then turned to the two troopers at the door. “Bring in his friends,” she ordered.

A few minutes later three other Baklid Rangers were escorted in by a trooper. “Your names and witness statements have already been placed in the official record. You have already been read your rights as Republic Citizens. You have waved council. I am advising you that you are under oath. Lying will not be tolerated by this court.” She paused as she scanned their faces.

In that moment of silence, she reached out through the Force allowing it to increase her senses. “You will be honest in answering my questions,” she commanded through the Force. “Do you each understand.”

The three soldiers succumbed to the power of her command, and nodded their heads in understanding. Master Milani continued her questioning, “good. Now Captain Enrique, can you please recite the order given by the Commanding Officer of the Twenty-Seventh prior to arrival in the Olivan system.”

Captain Enrique stepped forward pulling his datapad, “General Order Two Three, Soldier Conduct. At no time shall any Officer, enlisted or support personal assigned to or in service with the Twenty-Seventh visit, linger, or otherwise be in association with places that serve alcohol, deal in prostitution, or any other form of illegal activities as expressed in Republic law, Code of Conduct, or as restricted under Uniformed Code of Military Justice. This order also allows local commanders the authority to expand the restricted locations as deemed necessary due to black market activities known to exist on Olivan. All member of this task force will conduct themselves in a manner in line with the Unified Grand Army Code of Conduct, Republic Law, and in honoring the Jedi Code.”

Master Milani listed to her own order which she had issued to all her commands. “Captain, for the record, Prior to their arrival on world, had the Baklid Rangers received this and all other General Orders which covered their conduct on Olivan,” Master Milani.

“Yes, Master Jedi,” he answered.

She then turned her attention to the three men before her, “were you somehow unaware of this order.”

“We were all told of the order,” One of the men said as he stepped forward, “Master Jedi, that’s.....”

She raised her hand to silence him, “were you here conducting official Republic or Jedi duties?” At that question, she couldn't help but glance at the body.

The same trooper answered, “ Master Jedi.”

“Do you deny violating General Order Two Three,” she asked pointedly.

The three troopers looked down, “no Master Jedi.”

“Your admission of guilt in violation of General Order Two Three directly led to the death of your comrade in arms. Had your group not violated this order, he would still be alive and we would not be having this conversation. Due to this, I am sentencing you three to a hundred days hard labor on Korriban.” They started to protest but she wasn't having any of it. “ENOUGH! You choose to violate an order you know. Your actions have consequences”

She pointed to the place by the dresser, “My ruling is final, as such I am finished with you three. Stand over there AND be silent!” The three men moved over to where the dresser was. “The accused will be brought in.”

A trooper pulled in a lovely woman in her early twenties. She had light green hair and was fair skinned. At first glanced, it was impossible to miss the bruises on her body. She wore a simple robe and mud boats. Her clothes were covered in mud and were wet. Her hands were bound behind her back by military grade shackles. Her body as well as her robe was spotted with blood. There were marks on her face as if she had been slapped around recently.

“Are you the arresting party,” Master Milani asked the trooper.

He nodded, “yes, Master Jedi. I found her near the bridge. She was attempting to flee the village. When I spotted her she ran from me. I ordered her to stop, she refused. I was forced to stun her.”

“Are you responsible for these wounds on the accused,” the Jedi Master asked.

The trooper shook his head. “No, Master Jedi. My helmet cam will prove that she had those wounds before I found her.”

Before anyone could say another word the green haired woman spoke up, “he beat me.” She said referring to the dead man lying on the bed.

Master Milani tilted her as she sensed that the woman wasn’t lying. But she was also hiding something very dear to her. “Are you claiming self-defense as a reason for killing him.”

The woman shook her head, “Republic Law is clear in this matter, no clone has a right of self-defense which leads to the death of a sentient being.”

Master Milani nodded, “you know the Law well.”

She nodded, “it’s part of our basic training.” Even twisting the word training for programming caused the woman to shutter. A reaction that Master Milani detected.

The Jedi Master nodded, “good this should be easy then. Let the record show that the accused attempted to flee capture and the charge resisting arrest is here by added to the current charges.”

She then turned to the woman's being held, “for the official record, state your name, model, and manufacture.”

The woman pulled her shoulders, “My name is Tina.....”

She felt the lie as it came from the woman's mouth. It wasn't that the woman didn't believe what she was saying. That much was clear. But Master Milani knew the truth. Before she could utter another word, Master Milani cut her off. “The official record will add perjury to the list of charges.” She paused before giving the woman a nod, “now let's try this again. for the official record, state your name, model, and manufacture.”

The woman scanned the room carefully before she dropper her head in defeat. “My designation is CPL nine two five eight one one. I am a Cynthia Pleasure Line. My manufacture is Bio Technology Industries.” There was pain in her voice as she spoke. The kind of pain that comes from a deep routed shame in being forced to admit a truth you so much want to forget.

Master Milani offered no sympathy for the clone. Her words were hollow and devoid of emotions. “Commander, verify the information this clone has provide.”

Commander Pe'isk stepped forward as he pulled out a scanner. First, he scanned her left hand and found nothing. The he scanned her other hand and found nothing. Finally, he scanned the back of her right shoulder, and detected her ID Chip. The scanner picked up the data chip. The light flashed once the information was retrieved. He turned to the Jedi, “the information is correct and recorded in to evidence.”

Milani nodded, “how long have you been owned by this, um, establishment.” Everyone knew it was a whore house. But even when faced with serious charges, Master Milani wanted to ensure that the dignity of this clone remained intact. It wasn’t that she felt anything for the clone. It was more in honor of the Law. Everyone has a minimum level of dignity that they deserved. Droids and clones, included.

Tina shifted her shoulders, “Almost eleven years,” she answered.

“You don’t appear to be that old,” Master Milani said.

“It is a part of my line. We age normally, but our physical appearance doesn’t change after the age of twenty.”

Master Milani nodded as she walked over to the bed. “You know why you are here,” she said as she pulled out a glove. While the crime scene had already been scanned twice and all evidence had already been logged, she did want to do anything that might compromise her Tribunal. Following the law was the core of this tribunal. She picked up the evidence bag with a bloody knife within it. She walked over to the clone holding the bag, “is this.....”

It was Tina's turned to cut everyone off. “Stop this now. I did this.” She said carefully.

Master Milani detected that she was not being completely truthful. She knew that this clone was being truthful as far as killing the soldier. But there was more.

Tina’s words rang true to a point, but there was hatred in her voice as well. “I am directly responsible for what happened here and his death.” She spat on the body, “I would do it again!”

Master Milani placed the bag on the table, “you don't deny killing him.” Master Milani observed the emotional outburst and choose not to add to it.

Tina squared her shoulders in defiance, “I deny nothing. He was a pig and got what he deserved.”

Master Milani once more detected that there was more to this than met the eye. This clone spoke with passion, and there was no doubt that it killed the soldier. The Jedi Master only listened and allowed the clone to hang herself.

Tina continued, “I am a living, breathing, sentient being. I feel, I have emotions, I can learn, I love, I should have rights.”

Master Milani face turned from the clone, “wrong. You are a highly perfected and costly piece of technology,” she said walking towards the body. “I wouldn’t deny that your programming is impressive. You think you feel emotions.” Something behind the dresser caught her eye.

“You think you can understand emotions,” the Jedi Master said as she reached down and pulled something from behind the dresser.

It was clear that Tina knew what the Jedi had found. She looked down in disappointment. It was a flier for a meeting several weeks ago. Aimed at clones and their owners. In bold letters the flier read, ‘Welā thī̀ reā xyū̀ nı k̄hṇa nī̂ S̄kī khing ca mā’

Master Milani ran her translator over the flier and read the message. ‘Our time IS NOW! The Sky King is Coming!’ She read the flier as it spelled out a meeting that took place a week ago. It also encouraged the reader to raise up against the Republic and the Jedi. “It would appear that your activities have taken you down a very dark path, CPL nine two five eight one one,” Master Milani said as she folded the flier and held on to it.

“CPL nine two five eight one one, I am not here to be anyone’s enemy. I was sent to uphold Republic law,” Master Milani added as she continued to scan the items on the dresser. Blood splatters covered everything. For a trained Investigator like Master Milani, the dresser was a glimpse in to this clones world. She noticed that there were pictures, dozens of pictures of her and a little girl.

The images covered the life span of the young girl. “Your programming is impressive as much as it is extraordinary,” she finally turned to the clone. “Have you had after-market upgrades,” the Jedi Master asked.

Tina nodded as she half lied, “only manufacturer approved.”

Master Milani nodded and noted the half lie. Black-market upgrades were a common issue with clone. Hard to prove and at this stage in the tribunal, it didn't really matter. She had made up her mind. This clone had violated the law, took life and now must be destroyed. It was a sad thing, but it was the law and she had a duty to uphold the law.

Master Milani deeply disliked the whole situation. There was no reason for this to end the way it had to. But the law was clear and she would follow the law. She reached behind her and picked up a picture frame and brought to the front of her. In the image, it was this clone and a young girl on a white sandy beach. “Regardless of what illegal upgrades you have had. Regardless of what you might want to pretend to think or know. You are a highly-advanced piece of biotechnology. Nothing more than biological droid,” Master Milani said as she put down the picture. There was a sense of finality in her voice. As if the ruling was issued.

“NO!” Screamed a little girl as she ran past the troopers. Her sudden appearance caught everyone off guard. “Mother!” She pushed her way in to the room and ran right up to the clone. The clone dropped to her knees so the little girl could hold her. The girl coiled her arms around the clone and held on tightly.

The tension level in the room increased drastically and threatened to spin out of control. Before anyone could react, Master Milani waved her troops off.

Tina set there on her knee with her arms pulled behind her back. She leaned forward slightly as the little girl put her arms around Tina's neck. There were tears in the child’s eyes. “Shhh, you can’t be here” Tina said. There was pain in the clone’s voice now.

Following the girl an older man rushed in. “Terra!” He cried out after her. He turned in horror at the Jedi Master who was well known across the Outer Rim. “Please Master Jedi,” the fear in his voice couldn't be missed. “The girl doesn’t know what she is saying,” he explained. “My daughter lost her mother at a young age.” He put his hands together as if he was pleading with the Jedi Master. He made every attempt to maintain eye contact with the Jedi Master, “T.....this clone is all she knows in terms of a mother. Please ignore the child’s statements.”

Master Milani easily detected the lie. “Captain, scan the child for clone markers.”

Both the man and Tina cried out, “no!” The man rushed forward while dropping to his knees. He wrapped his arms around both the child and the clone. Because of the commotion, the trooper Behind the clone held his ground.

While her face remained blank of expression, it was clear that her patients were being pressed. “Commander seize him,” She ordered harshly. “I have tried to be sympathetic to the plight of clones. But the law is the law. Illegally breeding a clone is a class two felony. Punishable by up to ten years, fines and the termination of clone and offspring.”

Tina looked up with tears in her eyes, “no, she is not my child.” The pain in her voice was clear for Master Milani. Emotions ran so chaotic in the clone that even the most skilled lie detector couldn’t make sense of it. “Please, let them go,” Tina pleaded.

The little girl clearly saw this clone as her mother. This much was true to Master Milani. But that on its own wasn’t a violation of the law. The real question that Master Milani had was, were they biologically link.

Terra cried out, “no, it's my fault. Please....”

The man moved to silence the girl as Tina said, “be quiet.” She looked up to Master Milani, “I am guilty I have confessed to the crime. Sentence me,” she demanded. Her voice broken and filled with anguish.

“Captain, carry out your scan,” Master Milani ordered.

He motioned for the other troopers to take hold of the clone and the owner of the brothel house. As the group was seized, he stepped forward and pulled the girl towards him. The clone tried to continue her anger, but Master Milani detected it. If the child belonged to the clone, than that would give cause to the murder. Which at this point she couldn't identify the reason for this whole mess.

She couldn't identify why the clone killed the soldier. It was clear that there was a struggle, but there lacked evidence of a motive. The clone's body showed the punishment she took from him. The cut on this throat and repeated knife wounds to the chest and face reflect an act of passion and anger. ‘How did this go from a basic business deal to violent murder. What triggered it,’ Master Milani wondered.

As she watched the group pulled apart the child scanned, her mind continued to wonder about how all of this would have played out in a perfect world. This wouldn't need to happen. I would have the clone sent for testing. The child would be tested. The programming flaws would be detected and corrected. ‘But it's not s prefect world.’ Milani thought as shook her head, ‘all this suffering because of a stupid mistake.’ The ARC Captain shock his head.

“The Tribunal is convinced that there is no link between the child and the clone, CPL nine two five eight one one. The child is free to go.” On that command the child was. She ran to her father and Tina who still remained on the floor. “I am not heartless. I light of the care you have given in raising this child. This tribunal will offer mercy. A chance to save your own life.”

The Tina, the man and Terra looked with hope in their eyes. The other Rangers from Baklid had their faced turn with anger. In their minds, they only heard that this clone, who murdered their friend, could go free.

Master Milani continued, “renounce your claims of sentience before this tribunal. Show remorse for the life you took. And I will order you to be returned to your manufacturer for reprogramming and reconditioning. This incident will be recorded and stamped on your data chip. Afterwards you will be resold as second hand hardware with a renewed chance at life.”

Horror crossed Tina's face, “no, never!”

The Terra looked up at the clone, “please. Take it. You will be alive. Please.”

Tina started to cry again, “I would rather die than to have never known you.” She looked up to Terra’s father, “take her away from this.”

“No! Mother! Noooo” she screamed as she fought with all her might to hold on to the clone. As the man continued to pull on the girl, tears flowed from both clone and child. Terra fought and screamed for her mother. Sadly, she finally lost her grip on the clone. Both of them, the girl and the clone were crying, as the girl continued to scream.

The man struggled to pull Terra out of the room. Terra grabbed the robes of Master Milani as she cried. “Please do something,” Terra cried. “You can stop this. PLEASE!”

Master Milani kept her eyes on the clone who was moving to stand up. She heard the child but also knew the law. A murder had been committed and she was bound to uphold the law. “I am sorry. It’s out of my hands,” Master Milani said emotionless.

The man pulled Terra from the room. Slowly her screams faded. Master Milani gave a nod, “CPL nine two five eight one one, have been found guilty of murder. You have admitted to your crime. Denied this tribunal’s mercy. I sentence you, to termination.” She turned to her two witnesses, “are there any objections.”

None of them spoke up. Instead they shook their heads. The Jedi Master nodded, “let the record show that there are no objections. Captain, carry out the sentence.”

On that order, two troopers stepped forward and kick the clone in the back of her knees. This forced her back down on to her knees. Captain Enrique stepped forward as he drew his pistol.

“Any last words,” Master Milani added.

Tina looked the group over as she drew in her last breath. “I will die, a sentient being.”

Captain Enrique leveled his pistol, taking aim at the flesh between her eyes. “Right” he said as he pulled the trigger. The shot snapped the clones head back and knocked the body from the two guards holding her. Even as the body flung backwards, Tina was dead. Her brain burned by the high-energy particle-beam. Her lifeless body hit the floor hard as it slid back slightly.

Master Milani walked over to the metal box as she spoke, “Let the official record show that at this hour; CPL nine two five eight one one was terminated as a direct cause of being found guilty of the murder of Lance Corporal Seth Matis.” There was no hint of remorse or emotion in her voice as she spoke. “This tribunal is official concluded.”
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Amassing an Army (Part Three)
Amassing an Army (Part Three)
Headquarters of the Trade Federation
Colonies World of Neimoidia
Date: 2919 AOK (Eight Months after Auro’s Birthday)

Graff stood on the balcony gazing up in to the sky. His thick black fur cloak hung over his large form. The canine faced hood laid against his back and about his shoulders. Despite the humid climate, Graff wouldn’t let his cloak go. It was a gift from Gato and her people. Hanging on his back were two large double blades lightsabers. He had created them from stolen parts while he was exiled. A pair of normal lightsabers which had more personal meaning hung from his belt.

But these things were not where his thoughts were. Deep in his heart, he longed to hold her. To smell her hair. Even though the current situation required his utmost attention, he couldn’t get her out of his mind. He raised his fist and slammed it down on the railing. ‘Oh Jenna,’ he thought longingly. He closed his eyes as he remembered their last night together, some four months ago. They had just found out that she was with child, and he had begged her to let someone else led the mission to Olivan.

‘Graff, Olivan is too important to trust to anyone,’ she had said with a smile and a soft touch on his face.

She always had this way of getting her way with him. He smiled at the thought of it. Memories flooded back in to his mind. He remembered the first time he saw her. Captain of the Fencing Team, or what joke it had been before his arrival to Frey. She was mouthy and arrogant. But she could back up her words with skill. Once he took over the Fencing Team, he was humbled as he watched her grow in to one of the finest Djem So stylists he had ever seen. He would even say the entire Jedi Order.

But that wasn’t how their intimate relationship started. They had traveled to Bakid VI for a Fencing Competition. She had lost her match and asked for some company. The two violated curfew and set out on a moonlight stroll. Under Baklid’s two moons, they started to talk. At first it was about just the competition, then it grew in to broader things. Before he knew it, the sun was coming up and his match was less than two hours away. Graff smiled at the memory. What was born from that walk, gave birth to many others.

Graff’s eyes searching the sky as if seeking some unforeseen truth. There was no denying that his heart longed for the woman who was standing on one of one of those stars. They had been separated for too long and now, it was far too long that he be reunited with his love. Once more he closed his eyes and reached out to her through the Force, ‘soon, my love, soon…’ he thought.

Behind him, Gato and her band lined the balcony as they protected their leader. Like their leader, they too wore the thick black fur cloak. All twenty of them were armed with lightsabers and a wide range of other weapons. Their two months on Neimoidia, these creatures had earned the nickname, midnight killers. Because Graff needed Viceroy Mik Regrap in power, he sent Gato and her friends to ensure that no one would oppose the new Viceroy.

Graff drew in a deep breath and released it slowly. In doing so, he reached out with the darkside. “I can sense your anger and hatred,” he said in their native language.

Gato smiled, “As we sense yours, Our King. Though you have mastered masking it well. Hide your emotions and use them to fuel your rise. You will find that this will serve you well, My King.”

She paused as a large Trade Federation Battleship slowly rose for the heavens. She could feel the tens of thousands of her people on the ship. “I can’t believe our dream has finally come. Though I can’t believe I am standing on another world.”

Graff didn’t look back as he answered, “your people have come a long way in a year. When you first found me, you were barely using swords and slug throwers.”

She nodded, “today you have brought us in to a new era of enlightenment and advancement.” She looked down as she added, “your coming has long been foretold. I won’t lie to you, My King. I didn’t believe the prophecies about you.” She looked up, “I didn’t believe that you would take us to new worlds, bring us a new era of darkness. I simply didn’t believe.”

She glanced at the others around her. “We were young and our people faced destruction at the hands of the light. None of us, held to any hope of your arrival. But on that night, when your ship arrived, I became a believer in you.”

He nodded, “the darkside heard your cries for help and brought me to your world.” He smiled as he continued to search the sky, “I didn’t realize it then. All I knew, was that an assassin had been sent by the Chancellor to kill me. He released me from my carbonate slumber.”

That moment in Graff's mind came back like a flood. From the darkest parts of his being he felt the anger swelling up like a monster inside him. In his memory, he heard the assassin, ‘I have a message from Chancellor Syrdash. Your entire family is dead. You are about to die Then your unborn child will soon be dead while still inside the womb of that abomination of a clone. Your family will cease to exist!’

Graffs anger fueled him. After the painful memory, he continued speaking “His plan was to murder me, then put me back in to my carbonite slumber. My death would have never been discovered. Before my murder, my family back on my homeworld were murdered. After my murder, he would have sought out my wife and unborn child. I had to stop him.”

Graff looked down at the Lightsabers at his waist. One belonged to the assassin whole the other belonged to a knight that had joined the assassin. Anger filled his heart once more as he recalled killing both assassins with his bare hands. “All I could think of was survival and escape. I felt the call of the darkside. It empowered me when I needed it the most. Killing them on that ship was my path to freedom. Every one of them had to die, and so they all died by my hands.”

She nodded, “the elders called upon you. They felt your hatred and sacrificed hundreds of innocents to give you strength in your hour of need. So many of the followers of light fed our fires that night.” She paused as she took a breath, “I remembered thinking how foolish this ancient ritual was. My friends and I watched from a hill top as those followers of the light were taken to the edge of the fire pits. Some walked with pride, others cried as they were led. While even others had to be dragged screaming. In the end, all of them were tossed in to the fires.”

“And I felt their suffering. Their deaths,” he said picking up the conversation. “In my hour of need, I felt the darkness. I felt those innocent lives fueling my hatred, my anger.” He brought hand up and glanced at his fist, “I heard the call of the darkside for the first time and embraced its gifts.”

She nodded, “As we answered your time of need. You came to us during ours. The Followers of Light had been driving a campaign at destroy our way of life. Murdering our people, taking our children from us. They were at the verge of destroying our way of life completely. Then you came to us. I remember that first day, the first battle. Watching you charge across the battlefield like a winged beast gone mad. I sensed in you, a darkness that I had never sensed before. So pure, so devoid of light. It was in that moment I knew; the King of Heaven had come to us.”

She boldly stepped forward, towards him, “I watched as you slaughtered so many of them with ease.” Her smile showed off her fierce teeth, “Then you took on one of their most powerful leaders.”

“A corrupt being,” Graff said as he turned and faced her. His one red glowing eye locked on to her form. “Twisted and bent to serve the Jedi. They were behind the murders of your people, the thief of your child. He was their puppet, twisted by the light. One who would spread the lies of the Jedi. They calm to be keepers of the peace yet they brought your people to near destruction.”

She smiled, “Yet destruction wouldn’t come to my people. Instead, the darkness brought salvation. You alone led my people back from destruction. Those of the light, on our world, have been consumed by darkness. Their homes burnt as they had once burnt ours. Nothing is left of who they were. Their children, now are our children. These children will be taught the promise and gifts that darkness brings. From the vanishing light, will our people survive.”

He smiled, “and now your people will have a new world. Upon that new world, you will have a new generation to teach your culture. And the Jedi will not be able to find you.”

“An act that has free many of us,” she said with a grin, “to serve you. To smother the light wherever we find it. Even the brightest star will fade and die as you raise and return to the heavens, My King.”

This brought a smile to his face, “the last light of this galaxy will be that of the ashes of the Republic, slowly burning out. You will be able to tell your new children of how the King from the Heavens came and brought darkness to the entire galaxy.”

In that moment, both turned toward the entry way as they sensed the approach of someone. Graff nodded to her and turned back to the balcony and the sky beyond. His mind drifted back to the woman he loved and the brother he feared he would have to fight. Gato backed up and took her position with the others.

Soon footsteps could be heard. A moment later, Viceroy Mik Regrap stepped on to the balcony. She walked up behind and stopped short of him, “My King, it is done. The last of the transports have gone in to hyperspace.” She smiled with prided, “I never imaged that we could transplant the entire population of a world. But with your guidance we did.”

Graff half turned his head towards her voice. He knew that she harbored feelings for him. But for him, she was just the means to the ends. “Good, with that task done, I can now focus my attention on the Jedi,” he as a more serious appearance crossed his lips. “Tell me Viceroy, how goes the transition of power.”

She nodded slowly, “with the help of your friends here,” she said motioning to Gato and her group, “there is no longer any opposition to the transition of power.”

Graff nodded, “good and the Senate?”

Once more she nodded her head, “they are ignorant of the transition of power. Thanks to your guidance and the help of your friends we could stay ahead of any leaks. When you deem it time, the galaxy will be caught surprised by our shift in alliances.”

He smiled and turned to her, “I sense that you have more for me.”

She smiled broadly, “your senses are correct, My King.” She brought up her communicator, “now captain,” she commanded. “On behalf of all the clones on Neimoidia you liberated, we would like to give you another tool in your arsenal. A tool to help you liberate other worlds, and many other clones.”

High above them a large monster of a warship slowly descended through the clouds. The general appearance was of a massive, cylindrical warship that was easily over two thousand meters long. Its nose came to a point that tapered towards the superstructure. Rising from the stern portion of the vessel, was an elongated main communications and sensor pod.

“It is a version of a Providence-class Cruiser,” she said with pride, “this one has been heavily modified and its general size has been increased. More armor, more shielding, more weapons. Now, its classified as a dreadnought. Three of the designers who I put in charge of the project set on the design board of the Chancellor's own flagship, the Victory. So, we are confident that this ship will be more than a match for the Flagship of the Republic,” she explained.

After a short pause, she continued, “our crews worked day and night to make sure that she was ready for you.” Her arm waved towards the massive ship, “This one has been rechristened, the Liberator. For you My King.” She turned back towards Graff, “a fitting name for the man who would liberate clones from across the galaxy.”

Griff smiled as he was just realizing that his goals were before him. “Indeed, a fitting name,” he said then turned to her, “you have honored me. Thank you.”

She nodded, “you have honored us all. And this flagship will be able to take the fight where ever you wish.”

He nodded, “then I shall inform the Liberator that we depart for Olivan in the morning.”

She nodded, “you will not be going alone, My King. I have arranged nine other warships to escort you. Over a quarter of a million battledroids will fight beside you. And ten thousand clones have volunteered to join you. They have been training for the past two and a half months to fight beside you and liberate more clones.”

Graff nodded as he turned back to the Liberator. “Truly a force that will shock the galaxy. But first I must rescue my queen.”

That statement clearly struck a nerve with her. But she didn't allow it to be heard in her voice. “Has she been captured,” she asked in an hope to learn more about this person who would take him from her.

Graff smiled and shook his head. “No, she is where she wants to be by her own design.”

“Do you fear for her safety,” the Viceroy asked.

“No,” Graff said calmly. “She is in the hands of one of the most honest and honorable men I have ever known.”

“Sounds like quite the ally”

“His not,” Graff said with disappointment in his voice. “No, his loyalties lay with my enemies.”

Now she was confused, “yet you trust your queen in his hands.”

Graff turned to her as he said, “I trust my unborn child in his hands. Auro Syrdash, is an honorable man. Things like honor, loyalty, respect and dignity mean something to him. Unfortunately, those things don’t mean anything to his allies.” He turned back to the Liberator hanging high above him. “It pains me that one day I will face him on the battlefield. One of us might die. But I will always value the man I call brother.” Graff spoke with both pride and truth.
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In the Shadows of Darkness (Part One)
In the Shadows of Darkness (Part One)
City of Jaoppolis
Outer Rim World of Olivan
Date: 2919 AOK (Eight months, one week after Auro’s Birthday)

The large deep chamber was blacked out as shadowy figures watched for the proceedings to begin. Many never thought that this moment would come. They figured that only a stern warning would have been issued and been done with it. The fact that this proceeding was taking place proved to everyone that Jenna meant what she said about the infighting and disobedience. That it would come to an end no matter what the cost. Jenna had the chamber prepared for this proceeding, and only members of the Saberblades were allowed to attend.

There were gasps and other sounds of shock as Trysta was brought in to the chamber. Her hands bound in rope before her. It was only for symbolism, as everyone knew that even Trysta could free herself from the rope. Her guards moved behind her with their yellow glowing lightsaber pike crossed behind her back. Only a few knew that the hooded, blacked robed guards were Aelyn Qesha and Tern Rorli'ss. Two junior members of the Saberblades and like the rope only a matter of symbolism. Trysta would be able to make short work of the pair before anyone could help them. Everything done, relied on Trysta and her sense of self honor.

The shadows did little to conceal the hoods and black robes of the Saberblades. When they left Fray just over a year ago, all of them cast off their Jedi Robes once and for all. They spent a short period on Bilrylbak 7 once they received word that Graff had been killed by the Chancellor. For many of them, it seemed like the end of the Saberblades. Then Jenna arrived and claimed that Graff was still alive and needed them. It was then that they started to reinvent themselves.

Trysta searched the raised platforms and the shadow filled figures that almost encircled her. There was a heaviness in the air as she walked towards the center of the chamber. Through the darkness, her exceptional night vision allowed her to make out each face in the darkness. Her long pointed ears allowed her to hear each breath. She walked forward with her head held high and her pride intact. No matter what happened, she would face this with the same courage that she faced anything else. On shadowed lips, Trysta heard their whispers. She didn’t blame them for their whispers. After all, she knew what she had done.

Trysta was being brought before her family for judgement. Judgement for crimes she knew that she was guilty of. The events of the past forty-eight hours seemed to be mostly a blur to her. Everything seemed to have happened so quickly, that even she couldn’t explain some of her own action. She knew that she had done them, she remembered doing them. A memory of him, Jaden Starchaser, flashed in her mind. She couldn’t explain why her heart longed for him, but she wouldn’t deny it either. Still, Trysta was proud and showed it as she walked with her head held high.

As she reached the center of the room, she saw Nayla standing there. Trysta couldn’t help but notice the fresh wound on Nayla’s neck. Nayla had intended to kill the two spies. While Trysta didn’t really care about the other, she couldn’t let Nayla kill the one she would later learn was Jaden. The two had battled and if it wasn’t for the timely arrival of Frija, Nayla would be a dead woman right now. The fresh wound brought a smile to Trysta’s lip as she thought, ‘not as fast as you thought you were, huh Nayla.’

“That’s far enough,” Jenna spoke from the shadows.

Trysta could easily see Jenna and Frija standing only about five meters before her. The darkness attempted to conceal them. But Trysta could see their forms devoid of color. At that command she came to a stop next to Nayla. She shifted on her feet as the two guards took up their places next to her. Nayla moved slightly back to allow Trysta to take the center of the attention.

Frija called out from the darkness, “Trysta, you are brought before you family to answer for crimes against the Lord of Darkness.” There was a long pause before she continued, “You are accused with aiding two enemy spies in escaping us. That you gave them the secret weapon which you were charged with securing from the Jedi Temple. Furthermore, you are charged with raising a blade to your sister, Nayla.”

“Do you deny to these charges, Trysta,” Jenna said.

Trysta looked down for a moment as her mind raced. She knew what the charges meant and wanted to deny them with all her heart. And there lied the problem, even in her heart she knew she couldn’t. She respected Frija and Jenna too much to lie to them. ‘No matter what, I will face what I must’ she thought as she looked up in to the darkness, “I deny nothing.”

Nayla smiled at the admission of guilt and knew that this was the end of Trysta. Back at the Academy, Trysta had always acted like she was better than everyone else. She and her sister Kalya always acted like they were prefect and did nothing wrong. Always running around and throwing their wealthy background in to everyone’s faces. The very thought of it made Nayla angry. Prefect Trysta and Kalya never did anything wrong, never faced any hardships.

Nayla hated their attitude of superiority. Them and their friends from the Academy’s glee club. The whole lot of them were simply too much. When Kalya died, Nayla thought that Trysta would come back to the real world. But Trysta only got worse, all full of herself. Nayla realized that Trysta was a lost cause. Then came the mission on Mimar, Trysta made a turn for the worse. And now, here on Olivan, she had just become unbearable. Nayla relished at the thought of Trysta’s death. She almost had her a few hours ago, but the battle was interrupted by Frija.

“I want to understand why you would betray us, Trysta,” Jenna said coldly.

Trysta drew in a deep breath, “I don’t even fully understand myself.” She wanted to explain everything but she didn’t know where to start. “I think it started the day they arrived. I was in medical speaking with the tech about his, I mean Jaden’s injuries. I also wanted information on my own injuries. I heard the printer spit out the latest series of tests. I picked it up and was looking at it. It was the blood and Tox Screening Report. I remembered thinking, hey, this guy’s not a clone. I remember wanting to tell the tech and order up some guards.”

She paused a moment and this allowed Frija to ask, “so you knew in that moment that they were imposters, so why didn’t you call for guards. Why didn’t you sound the alarm?”

Trysta looked down in disappointment, “I don’t know. I….I looked down at the paper and a memory flashed in my mind.” Trysta looked up in to the darkness as she continued, “I can’t explain it. I don’t even remember the memory. But what I do know, I took the paper, folded it and put it in my pocket.” Across the darkness, a gasp was heard from those watching. “I knew that this guy was a spy at that moment. But I also figured that he came here to learn about us. So, I would show him who we were. I wanted to show him that we were more than just soldiers on the battlefield. It felt right to try to reach him on a personal level. I can’t tell you why, but I had to. I had to reach him. To show him.”

“That’s well and good Trysta,” Jenna said, “yet in keeping this secret you placed all of us in danger.”

“As we speak, the Republic could be plotting an attack on our sanctuary,” Frija added.

Trysta didn’t hide her eyes or the guilt within them, “NO, I know wouldn’t do that. I know that he is a good person. I know. I don’t deny what I did was dangerous. But something about him told me that this was the right course of action. I knew I could reach him.”

“And did you reach him,” Frija asked softly. “Did you convince him to change his mind about us?”

Once more Trysta drew in a deep breath and shook her head, “no….I didn’t.” There was shame in her heart of that failure.

“Explain….” Jenna ordered.

“We were in the LAAT, we had just completed our mission. And well, they the brothers had sprung their trap on me. I didn’t know why, but their blaster rifle didn’t function right. And well Jaden is not that great in melee combat.” She allowed herself a moment to smile and laugh as she looked down. She had tried to hide the blush in her face as she remembering holding Jaden out the LAAT door. She wouldn’t have hurt him, but his body close to hers felt nice. “Things had just calmed down and I was able to speak with them.”

“There was so much being said between us,” Trysta once more felt the burn of betrayal as she remembered more of those events. Pain welled up in her eyes as she recalled the time that spent with him. “I gave him the chip which held the secret weapon that the rogue Jedi had created. I told him about the war, how many lives were being lost each and every day. I told him that their lives were now in his hand. I gave him the chance to show me, that their lives mattered to him.”

“And what did he do,” Frija asked.

“He and his brother attempted to kidnap me,” Trysta explained. “When we turned from our course, I drew upon the force and blew out the front of the LAAT.” She paused a moment as she looked down in shame, “I knew that I couldn’t be caught by Auro or his troops. I knew what they would do to me. I knew I had to stop them. I didn’t have a choice.”

“You didn’t answer Frija’s question,” Jenna said harshly. “What did Jaden Starchaser do when you told him that the lives of Olivanian civilians were in his hand.”

Trysta sighed heavily, “he refused to accept the responsibility. He kept the weapon and chose to put his faith in Auro.”

“So, they attacked you, betrayed you, threatened to kidnap you,” Frija explained, “and you still allowed them to escape?”

Trysta looked up and nodded, “yes,” her eyes betrayed her feelings for Jaden. “I may have failed in that moment. Regardless of that failure, I truly believe that I did touched him. I suspect that that seed I planted in his heart will grow. If anything were to come from the time we spent together, I had to let him go.”

Behind her, Nayla rolled her eyes at the notion of reaching any of them. Auro and the rest had become evil, in her eyes. They were but a fading light, as the shadow consumed them. Nayla would have loved to add the heads of the Starchaser brothers to their growing collection. To see the reaction of the Chancellor’s precious son when she presented their heads to him. That would be something to see. If not for the explicit order from the Lord of Darkness, Auro’s head would have been added to their collection a long time ago.

But she was denied killing the Starchaser brothers. Denied by a traitor who had to be stopped. In her heart, she hated Trysta for all that she was. Beyond all that, Nayla hated Trysta for all that she couldn’t be. Rage filled her heart, rage at Trysta for her success, her friends, her skill, her wealth, and lately, even her cursed voice. Nayla hated her, and it felt so good to hate someone so completely like this. That gave Nayla something to ponder. Who will she hate, once Jenna orders Trysta’s death.

“And how do you address raising your blades against your sister, Nayla,” Jenna asked.

Trysta lowered her head once more, “I did raise my blades against her.” Trysta rose her head and gazed in to the darkness, “Nayla had been increasingly aggressive towards me since Mimar. I had to answer in kind. I do not deny that I struck first. But I had no choice. I had to follow my heart. And it guided me to protect the Starchaser brothers.”

“We are a family,” Frija said softly. “One to whom its members can count on each other.”

“Agreed,” Jenna added, “whatever has grown between you two, Trysta, you two must settle it. But we cannot allow your betrayal to go unpunished.” On that note, the entire chamber light up as fifty-three red lightsabers all activated at the same time. The hum of lightsabers filled the chamber as Jenna and Frija both activated their own. It was the moment of truth. The moment that Trysta would answer for her crimes.

Trysta nodded, “I know and I accept my punishment. I have one request of you.” She raised up her bound hands, “I am a Shiloh, allow me to face my punishment with honor and nobility.”

“You don’t know what punishment we have in mind for you, Trysta,” Frija said.

“I don’t care,” Trysta replied. “I do not want to face my punishment on my knees or bound like a pig. Let me face it with courage.” On that, she raised her bound hands, “let me walk in to this with my head held high.”

“You will face your punishment as you desire,” Jenna said from the shadows as Trysta’s bounds unraveled and fell to the floor. Jenna continued, “as for your punishment. You will be whipped, fifteen times.”

Nayla was enraged at the punishment, “Whipped,” she cried out in anger. “She nearly killed me, after I had saved her life,” Nayla said lying. She knew that the craft was lowered by Trysta’s own friends. Not her! But that didn’t matter to Nayla. She wanted Trysta’s death.

A lie that was caught by Frija, “Nayla you are right. She did nearly kill you. And for your suffering, you will be the one who carries out our punishment.”

The guards took up their places as Jenna spoke, “In your punishment, bring honor to the Lord of Darkness.”

Trysta nodded and turned to leave. The two guards attempted to place a hand on her shoulder and she snapped them from her. “I know the way,” she said as she walked passed them. She only paused long enough to allow the rest of the Saberbladed to take up their position. Trysta would be escorted from the chamber by the entire family with their red lightsabers held high.

As Trysta walked from the chamber she exited near the heart of the Mall Complex. Behind her, Nayla followed along with the guards. Around them the rest of the Saber-Blades. Watching from the levels and around the heart of the complex, the entire population had been called to bear witness to Trysta’s punishment. The trial was only but a formality. After all, there were enough witnesses to what had happened to prove any guilt.

Trysta stormed down a walkway that led to the center of a large drained fountain. The granite statue had long been replaced by an ordinary wooden pole. From that pole, many had been punished for crimes against the Partisans. Trysta couldn’t help but notice that dried blood at the base of the pole. Trysta looked to the faces of the refugees that depended on the partisans for protection. The very faces that she now had placed in harm’s way. Trysta felt the burning of guilt in her heart. A feeling that she hadn’t felt for a long time.

Tears filled her eyes as she scanned all their faces. ‘I never noticed their faces’ she thought. She knew that she had a part to play and so she would. She drew in a deep breath and spoke loudly and clearly. “I am Trysta Shiloh, I have betrayed our King of the Heavens. I have allowed two enemy spies to escape who were under my charge. I have endangered everyone here. I have taken up arms against my sister. For what I have done, I am so sorry. For these reasons, I will be punished.” Her eyes fell upon a little boy and his mother who were watching from the second level.

On that note, she walked up to the pole where Aelyn and Tern were waiting for her. There was a determined look in her eyes. She meant what she had said about the Lord of Darkness. She felt as if she had let him down. She would do anything should could to make that up to him. She hated this feeling, this guilt in her heart. She tried to hold back the tears but some leaked through.

Tern took hold of her arms and pulled up to meet leather straps which were tied tightly around them. At the same time, Aelyn set his weapon a side and pulled a knife. He cut the back of her shirt and flipped it forward, exposing her back. The top piece slipped off and fell to the ground next to her feet.

Aelyn blushed at the sight of her bare breast, “I am sorry.”

Trysta nodded at her wrists were still being tied, “it’s okay.”

He removed her shoulder pads which left Trysta completely bare on her torso. The two double checked to make sure everyone was set as the rest of the Saberblades took up their position encircling the large fountain foundation. Nayla walked up like a cat who was eyeing the mouse. She had an evil look in her eyes and a smile on her lips. The two guards walked away leaving Trysta and Nayla alone for a moment.

Nayla leaned in towards Trysta and whispered, “I promise before this is over, you will cry out for mercy. And I will give you none.”

Trysta looked back at her with fire in her eyes, “I promise you this, I will prove that it was you who sabotaged our mission last night!”

Nayla walked back to where Jenna and Frija were waiting. She saw the weapon in Frija hands. Nayla smiled as she realized it was a neurowhip. A sedisitic weapon that not only hurt the body but inflicted pain on the mind as well. The weapon was used on many backwater worlds as a means of brutal interrogation. Happiness filled Nayla’s mind as she imagined the pain that she was about to inflict on Ms. Prefect over there.

Still, Nayla wanted to see Trysta be executed. But then something crossed her mind. The idea of whipping Trysta to death also seemed like a fun idea as well. And who’s fault would it be if Trysta simply gave out before she reached fifteen. After all, Trysta had never been that strong in the force anyway. Maybe she was just too weak to handle the punishment.

Frija placed the handle of the whip in Nayla’s hand, “Don’t go over five” she ordered.

Nayla looked down at the controls on the whip handle. As Nayla was scanning the controls, Jenna addressed the crowds speaking of crime and punishment. The device was set at two. ‘hardly’ she thought as she dialed it up to five. “Time to cry, Trysta,” Nayla said as she pulled back the whip. She leaned forward and unleashed it against Trysta’s bare back. The snapping sound of the whip echoed loudly.
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In the Shadows of Darkness (Part Two)
(OOC: Warning to the reader! This intermission contains material that could be considered offensive and of adult nature. Reader’s discretion is advised.)

In the Shadows of Darkness (Part Two)
City of Jaoppolis
Outer Rim World of Olivan
Date: 2919 AOK (Eight months, one week after Auro’s Birthday)

As the whip racked across Trysta’s back, pain washed over her like the falling rain from the broken ceiling. At the same time, she felt and heard the whisper of the darkside once more. It had mostly been a whisper in the back of her mind for the past few days. There were times over the past two years that it's voice roared like the sound on entire world set ablaze. But this time, it was only a whisper. Calling upon her to welcome it back and to allow it to shield her pains. To hide her from the truths of others.

Trysta wanted to cry, she wanted to scream and let the pain out. But she wouldn't allow herself that comfort. She knew that this was something that she had earned. But it was more than that. For so long, pain had been her blanket. For so long she had held on to it and now was scared to let it go. The whip racked across her back again and she felt the tears dripping from her chin as they mixed with the rain water. She turned her eyes skyward and let the rain wash down over her face.

In her memories, she remembered her sister. As another lashing racked her back, the present faded around her as the royal court on Balkid slowly took shape. Trysta stood not ten meters from her sister as they were setting up for their demonstration. She remembered the Baklid Games of 2917.

“I am going to cut that pretty ponytail off today, Trysta,” Kalya joked.

Trysta laughed, “only if I set in a chair for you.”

The pair battled for over five minutes, throwing everything they had against the other. Trysta smiled inwardly as that was their secret which made their performances so remarkable. They never held back, not even a little bit. It forced both of the sisters to improve their game and skill. That day, Trysta got the better of the two. Her blade cut through her sister's side bangs narrowly missing Kalya’s throat by only a small margin. Though her sister did try to make good on that promise, she fail. Trysta's ponytail would survive another day.

Once more the whip licked Trysta' s bare back and sent pain flooding across her mind. Trysta once more found back the urge to scream. Instead she found a more pleasant place to hide from the pain. At the academy on fray, she and her sister were more than just cadets. Like many of the cadets who were Saberblades, they were secretly tasked by their team captain, Graff, to help patrol the capital city. Their mission to protect the cadets of the Academy from the local criminal population. Trysta and her younger sister Kalya were especially good at that.

While unsanctioned by the Academy or the local government, the Saberblades stopped street violence targeted at their fellow cadets. It was a task that each Saberblade cherished. And often landed them in trouble with the Academy, local government or both. But no one cared, they followed the orders of Graff without question. In return, he would use his families political pull to make sure that no Saberblade got in too much trouble for their good deeds.

During the second half of their day, Trysta and her sister would skip their last class and venture out in to the capital. For them, it was romantic. It was more than just a duty. They made it in to a game and they loved it. Kalya used to say that they were superheroes, protecting the weak from the corrupt. Trysta only laughed at the silly notion from her younger sister. Trysta, remembered the first time she felt and heard the call of the darkside. The first time she felt its cold grip on her heart.

A pair of younglings, who had been separated from their larger group, had been chased in to a trap by a band of thugs. Alerted by one of their fellow cadets of the two missing younglings, Trysta and Kalya were on the search. Kalya heard their screams for help and within moments the sisters were in the heat of the battle. The ten thugs were hardly a match for the two expert duelists. Trysta would normally feel the calm that came with every battle, but this time it was different.

This time, Trysta saw that the female youngling had her rob torn and ripped. The poor thing had this look of terror on her face. It was then that Trysta realized that these filthy animals had planned to defile the poor girl. During that battle, Trysta felt rage like never before. She reached a point and she knew. It was that point where you see yourself starring over a cliff. You want to pull back but you can't. That was right where Trysta stood, looking down over the cliff in to darkness.

Trysta stood there with the leader of the Thugs beaten and broken. His neck caught between her blades. All she had to do was pull her blades apart and end his worthless, filthy life. Such a little effort and his life would have been gone. Trysta stood there looking down at the man with judgement in her eyes. She felt his fear, felt his despair, and she craved it. But there was a voice calling to her. At first the voice seemed like a million kilometers away, but then it suddenly sounded so close.

That voice was calling her back from the edge of oblivion. Trysta looked over at her sister’s light tanned hand. It had softly fallen a top of her own hands. She hadn’t realized that she had been shaking till her sister steadied her. Her sister spoke softly about not giving in to the darkness. To not let this man’s actions drew her in to the darkness.

Trysta in that moment saw her sister for the very first time. Kalya had light tan skin, medium cut blond hair, and the most radiant blue eyes ever. All gifts of their human father. In that moment, there was much more to Kalya than what she looked like. In that moment, Trysta saw how Kalya was pure of soul and heart. It was that pureness that Trysta longed for. That innocence that she had lost a long time ago. Trysta was so grateful for her sister as her grip loosened. This allowed Kalya to free the man, who fled with the rest of his gang.

Trysta stood there with tears running down her face. She looked more like her mother, darker almost a grayish color of skin with matching eyes. Her near white long hair was always in a ponytail. As part of their traditions, she wore a metal symbol of her family’s crest made from pure silver. This symbol was pressed on to her forehead so that it was anchored by small barbs in her skull. Being Dargonesti, the eldest daughter per their tradition, would lead the family when their mother would step down or pass away. At such a point, Trysta’s silver crest would be replaced by a gold crest.

The Dargonesti had the fewest number of force sensitives among the galaxy’s races. Trysta and Kalya were the first of their family to be born force sensitive. Because of this fact, the sisters were always introduced as a status symbol for their family. In that moment, Trysta didn’t feel proud of who she was or what she was about to do. In fact, in that moment she was ashamed of herself.

In that heartbeat of a moment Trysta turned from the darkside. But she couldn’t had done it alone. She owed her sister for giving her to the steady hand to help guide her from that cliff. As they escorted the two younglings back to their group, Trysta never told her sister why this one Thug drove her to cross that line in taking a life. She never told her about how she saw herself in that terrified youngling’s eyes. That secret Trysta would take to her grave.

The whip once more racked across Trysta’s back and once more she refused to cry out. Trysta stood defiantly as Nalya’s anger grew. She wanted to see Trysta suffer, to hear her scream out in pain. She glanced around to make sure no one was watching. Her thumb slowly changed the setting on the whip from five to six.

Not only did the pain level increase, but so it the damage the whip caused on the flesh. The magnitude of the change was increased by a factor of six. Nalya smiled as she believed that no one saw what she had done. She drew the whip back and unleashed it across Trysta’s back. The increased sound of the whip indicated the change in intensity.

Unprepared for the increase, Trysta’s body shook under waves of pain. It was like someone had taken a sheet of razor blades and pulled them across her back slowly. Trysta’s knees gave out as she collapsed under the pain. Her arms pulled on the leather straps causing them to dig deep in to her wrists. Bright blue blood started to drip from the straps. She looked once more to the heavens as if to beg for mercy. She wanted it to end, but knew it wouldn’t. She knew it couldn’t end. Not yet, at least.

Deep in her memories she remembered that day. That beautiful, cloudless day on Fray. There at the landing pad of the Academy, two Republic Assault Shuttles were being prepared to depart. She walked with her sister, towards one of them. In the rear doorway, she saw Auro and Unna standing next to Lady Baku. There were other Jedi there for this important mission. Kalya had volunteered for the mission. Trysta wanted to go also, but there wasn’t space.

Trysta remembered that day, as if it had happened yesterday. Her sister had commented about her style of clothing, yet again. Since her first year here at the Academy, Trysta had always pushed the limits of good taste in her attire. Even as a younger teen, she loved showing off her sexuality. It empowered her and gave her confidence. Though he had more to do with that, than she was willing to admit. Even to herself!

Trysta held on to that memory with all of her will, as the pain flooded her mind. Her sister, Kalya stood there in her traditional white outfit. Hardly risqué, though even for the conservative Jedi, that was too much. Trysta often laughed at how much her own outfits would cause the Head Master and the other Faculty to come unglued. Maybe she was trying to get expelled.

Kalya had suggested more traditional attire, Trysta laughed off the suggestion. Instead the sisters made plans for dinner at their favorite local restaurant when Kalya returned from Baku. As her memories flood back, she also heard the darkness calling to her again. Calling her to summon up its strength to ease her pain. Calling to her, to use its power to endure this punishment.

Frija moved forward to address Nalya’s disobedience, but was stopped by Jenna. Slowly Jenna walked forward and motioned for Nayla to hold. There was fear in Nalya as her mind raced. ‘Had I been caught? Did they notice the changed?’ Nalya thought. Panic filled her mind as she tried to show no outwardly sign of what was going on in her mind.

Jenna walked passed Nalya and up to the post where Trysta now hung. Bright blue blood dripped from the fresh deep wound across her back. Her legs had completely given out and her entire weight was supported by her arms which were still bound to the post. “You can end this, Trysta. Renounce the Lord of Darkness and I will set you free.”

Trysta looked in to Jenna's eyes and knew she was speaking the truth. But she couldn’t. She wouldn’t. He was more than just a leader. To her, he was like a brother a father. She could no more renounce him as she could renounce her own family. Trysta started to shake her head and speak, but her mouth only hung open.

Unable to speak, her voice broken by the pain. Trysta slowly found her footing once more and rose back up. It took a bit of effort to completely rose back to her feet, but she did. Trysta moved her hands to get the blood flowing within them to the once more. She turned her head to face Jenna as she summoned up all of her will. Her voice crackled with pain as she uttered, “I will never renounce HIM!”

Jenna nodded as she felt that she was looking for. She could stop this at any moment, but now that was up to Trysta. Jenna moved clear and gave Nalya a nod to continue. Believing that no one realized the change in the settings, Nalya changed it once more. Seven times more painful than then the first series of blows. Nalya pulled the whip and let it loss on Trysta's back.

The pain was overwhelming as Trysta nearly lost her will to stand once more. Blood dripped from the new open wound as her pain sensors each screamed out. Trysta's head shot skyward. Her mouth open as if to scream. But to Nalya's disappointment, nothing came out. Even if she wanted to, Trysta was unable to scream.

Lost in her memories, Trysta was back on that landing pad. The skies were black and the rain poured down within her memories. Thick black clouds swirled overhead as red lightening flashed overhead. Auro reached out to her as she cried. Her legs failed and she fell in to his waiting arms. The pain and anguish were clearly visible across her face. There was just so much pain, that all she could do was scream and cry.

Red bolts of lightning flashed over head in her memory as she and Auro dropped to the ground. She pulled her arms towards her face and coiled her fists in to tight balls. She pressed them against her face as if to pull the pain from her very body. Auro leaned over her and comforted in her most vulnerable moment of need. His soft touch, his soothing words were never forgotten. But in her memory the storm overhead raged so loudly. It was if the forests of Fray, the very forest that had taken Kalya from her, had erupted in flames.

Trysta felt the lash again and again in her mind she saw the storm raging over head. Fray’s civil war had exploded. The Academy had fallen under attack. Murderous monsters were killing innocent children. These were the children of her Academy. Those she had sworn an oath to protect. It was the first time Trysta had tasted the death of a living being. It was a taste that she would grow to enjoy.

That morning she exerted her revenge on those who would dare attack the Academy. And once more, Trysta found herself at that cliff. This time, the draw of the darkside was impossible for her to resist. She and a group of Sabers led by Auro had rushed in to the cafeteria. It was a sight of horror. Some dozen younglings and cadets were already slain. The rest had attempted to hide from the attackers. Trysta reached out and from across the mess hall she grabbed the throat of a rebel.

Trysta could see the very table that she and Kalya used to eat at. Meals that she will never be able to enjoy again. She felt his pulse through the Force that she manipulated. Her hatred grew with eve passing heartbeat. In the back of her mind, she remembered how she and Kalya used to laugh and watch the sun come up from that table. Even her ears, betrayed her, as she heard her sister calling her over to that one table.

She felt his life slowly fading. She made sure to crush it slowly, she wanted to savor every bit of his death. In his mind and saw that it was Lady Baku who had planned and ordered the attack on the Academy. Trysta could tell it was her, Lady Baku, who was under that hood. That revelation only drove Trysta’s rage. Kalya had died protecting Lady Baku, and now her sister death was for nothing!

Auro’s attack was both unexpected and a life line to Trysta. He force pushed her in to a near by wall. It was enough to save the monster’s life and pull Trysta from making a horrible mistake. A part of her, that part that longed to be with her sister cried out to Auro. Begging him not to let her go. But Trysta’s eyes betrayed the hatred that was consuming her. He may have pulled her from the cliff, but she was ready to leap from it.

Once more the whip sent pain throughout her body. Her blood splatter on the stone work around the post. Trysta's body started to slump as her strength was failing. Waves of burning pain raced through her nervous system. Her body was shaking uncontrollably. She fought back drawing upon her own will. She managed to remain standing as the memories continued to flood forward.

The final battle for Fray saw Trysta and the other Saberblades fighting heroically against the rebels. Under the banner of the Jedi and Republic, Trysta killed many in the name of peace. But in her heart, she was avenging her sister’s death. She led her squad to victory after victory. She was even decorated for her courage on the battlefield by a Republic Commander. But the war left her empty inside. The loss of her sister, had ripped something from her soul that no amount of revenge could fill.

When the war was declared over, Auro and his squad were given a special mission. They left Fray, never to return, while the rest of the Saber blades were left behind. But for Trysta and the other Saberblades, there was one task left to do. Find Kalya and bring her home. All the Saberblades ventured in to the heart of Fray’s jungles in search of their fallen sister. Despite some of the harshest conditions any of them faced before, the pressed deeper in to the jungle.

Once more the lash struck Trysta back, and once more her body screamed out in agony. Her mind cried out in pain from the memories that she was reliving. Bits of her flesh were ripped from her back by the whip and splattered against the stone work at the base of the pole. Blood flowed in bright blue streams down her legs as she remembered that day.

They found Kalya hung from a tree like a doll that had been tossed there by an angry child. A branch had impaled her side, and her dried blue blood stained her tan skin. Animals had taken bites from the body. Her medium length blond hair has become a nest of insects. Her eyes long ripped out by some scavenger. Stricken by grief, Trysta was comforted by Jenna and Frija. At the same time, Graff and the other males freed Kalya from the tree.

Trysta escorted her sister home unaware of the nightmare she would return to. At Kalya’s funeral, Trysta sang for what she thought would be the last time. She sang a tribute to silence, a song she wrote just for that occasion. A song about the silence in her life now that Kalya was gone. She allowed her anger to flow from her through that song. It was the first time since Kalya’s death that she felt herself crawling back over that cliff. She was so tired of being angry, and with this funeral Trysta felt like she could finally let it all go.

It was her return to Fray that doomed Trysta once and for all. She returned to her family away from home to find them arrested once more. Reports of Graff being killed or arrested on Coruscant. It was all that Trysta could do to remain from being detected while she attempted to figure out what had happened. Per what she learned, Coruscant had sent a new Head Master for the Academy. He found out about Jenna and that all the Saberblades knew, their arrests were ordered.

Trysta learned that her family had been taken to the dungeons of the Academy once more. But it was far worse than that. Jenna’s unborn baby had been killed during the arrest. Then Trysta learned that Graff had been killed by the Chancellor. Hatred filled her heart as she remembered who had betrayed the Academy before. The very same person who was responsible for Kalya’s death. Lady Baku! It was time to punish these crimes against her family. She bathed herself in the darkside. Blacked her blades and moved on her targets.

She made sure that he would be last. She moved through the facilities dorm, like a specter of death. She immersed herself in the darkside and it concealed her presence. Buried so deep within the darkside, the masters never sensed her. In her mind, they were all guilty. Guilty for what Master Amerex had done to her. Guilty for not stopping him from doing it to other little girls. Guilty for the death of Graff and Jenna's baby. For their crimes, she killed every one of them. Her blades dripped with blood when she arrived at his room.

Master Amerex was the instructor who taught advanced healing and meditation. He was also the head tutor for the Academy. More than that, he was also the man who claimed Trysta’s virginity at the age of twelve. At first, she resisted him at each time he made advances on her. She even threatened to report him. He warned her that if she continued to resist, he would choose an easier girl. Someone like her younger sister Kalya.

She hated him for what he did to her. How he made her say things that weren’t true. Made her do things that no child her age had any business doing. She hated his smell, the smells he left on her. The way he touched her and how he entered her. She hated him long before she learned to hate herself for allowing it to continue. Fearful of what he would do to her sister, Trysta stopped resisting. It was the same time she changed from her traditional attire to more inflammatory outfits.

She caught him sleeping, and woke him. The only one that she allowed to wake that night. She wanted him to plead for his life. She wanted to watch him beg, the way he made her beg for it. She made him tell her about every young girl he preyed upon. Even the one that replaced her. Trysta would make sure that this monster never hurt another girl. Her blade removed any threat he could be to a child.

She then asked him about the murder of Jenna’s baby. Trysta listened to him claim that the baby’s death had nothing to do with them. That it was a complication of what she was. Trysta didn't believe him. Then with hate in her eyes, she ended his life. But the hate in her eyes was not for him. She hated herself. Trysta had learned that two young girls had followed her, when she grew too old for his taste.

By morning's first light, Trysta walked from the faculty dorm bathed in their blood. Darkness radiating from her like a heatwave. She freed her family from their bondage. And helped them free the rest of the Cadets from this nightmare of a place. Their next target would be the one who caused so much death, so much suffering. They would kill Lady Baku.

Once more the whip lashed against Trysta's back. It ripped through her flesh spraying the ground with her blood. Bits of her flesh splatted against the ground as the whip started its return trip. For Trysta the pain was just beginning. It was like someone had ripper we flesh off and dropped her in to a large vat of acid. Every single one of her pain sensors exploded to life. Her mind was simply incapable of dealing with that much activity from her neurotransmitters. Trysta turned her head and let out a long painfilled scream. Tears ran from her eyes as she screamed out as loud as her lungs would allow.

Her mind overloaded with pain seemed to shut down as her vision when black. Her lungs depleted all of its air, as her hearing failed her. Trysta’s knees gave out and her body dropped once more. The leather cords cut deeper in to her wrists as her arms were pulled tight once more by her own weight. The wave of pain felt as if someone had poured pure alcohol over her back. Her body convulsed from the pain. There was no longer any thought that wasn’t linked to pain. In fact, there simply wasn’t any thought at all.

Trysta’s back no longer resembled a back. It looked like a bright blue gooey shredded meat. Streams of blue blood streamed down her legs in to puddles at her feet. Her arms stretched out above her head, tied to the pole that was now holding her up. Her knees buckled giving her legs a broken appearance as they slumped under her body. Even the upper parts of her legs were ripped and torn by the whip. Her head had dropped to the side as the rain continued to wash over her. Her near white ponytail dripped with rain water and splatters of blue blood. As Trysta convulsed as her body was simply a bloody mangled mess.
03-14-2017, 08:23 PM,
In the Shadows of Darkness (Part Three)
(OOC: Warning to the reader! This intermission contains material that could be considered offensive and of adult nature. Reader’s discretion is advised.)

In the Shadows of Darkness (Part Three)
City of Jaoppolis
Outer Rim World of Olivan
Date: 2919 AOK (Eight months, one week after Auro’s Birthday)

Jenna wave her hand, “enough” she ordered as she walked towards the pole. She slowly lowered herself close to Trysta and pulled on Trysta’s ponytail. She forced Trysta to look at her. “You still have two to go. I can end this, if you wish. Just renounce the Lord of Darkness. Reject his love and his family. Do this and I will free you from your suffering.”

Trysta tried to stand back up, but the tops of her legs had been too badly damaged by the whip. Her muscles simply couldn't support her weight anymore. A bluish bubble grew from her mouth as she opened it in an effort to speak. It popped spreading her blood across her lower jaw, “whip me if you want.” Her voice horsed and broken. Her eyes lost their ability to focus. The rain washing down her face mixed with the blood from her hair giving her these long blue blood lines down her face.

Trysta’s body convulsed for a moment as a wave of neurological energy washed through her. The echo of pain was still being felt across her body. Her eyes glazed over as she coughed up blood. Her body continued to convulse as she continued to try to speak. Her voice simply failed her. She shook her head to clear her mind and swallowed hard. Her horsed voice finally broke the silence, “I will never renounce him,” she paused a moment as a wave of energy washed through her. “or you,” she finally managed to say.

Jenn let her ponytail go, allowing Trysta’s head to drop. She stood up and waved a hand at Aelyn and Tern, “Cut her down and get her to medical” Jenna commanded. She then turned her attention to the crowds watching the punishment take place. Her flowing black robe moved gracefully as she scanned the audience. “Trysta has openly and willingly accepted her penance. In doing so, she has earned our mercy. We forgive her, for her transgressions against our King of the Heavens. As I have said it, so shall it be our law.”

Lost in a pain induced delusion, Trysta looked out over the empty tables and chairs. She had heard the call of the dark side. Felt it’s pull upon her. The desire to call upon it was great. As great as the pain was. But as she stood there in that empty bar, she rejected it. She looked out from the stage holding the microphone and it’s stand she scanned the bar for any sign of life. The music around her had faced and she started to realize that she was alone. Her heart sank a bit till she saw him.

No, not the clone he had been disguised as. There at that table, where he set, she saw him. The man he really was. Since that fateful day, Master Amerex summoned her, had she felt like she couldn’t give herself willingly to any man. That no one was worthy of her. It is why she continued to where the exposing outfits that she did. She wanted them to lust after her and know that they could never have her. For it was her choice and no one else’s. Now, she wanted only one man. And he was sitting at that table over there. She smiled to him as he lifted a glass to her.

While Trysta was lost in her own delusion, Aelyn and Tern were removing the binds that held her to the post. With the greatest of ease, they carefully lowered her down. Tern carefully stabilize her using a medpack. At the same time, Aelyn drew upon the force while he laid his hands on her back. The healing powers of the force pulsated through Trysta and her bleeding stopped. A few of her more deeper wounds started to close up.

Once she was stabilized and the pair were sure that she wasn’t in any immediate danger of death the moved and repositioned themselves so that they could lift her up. Reaching down, they took her arms and pulled her up towards them. Carefully they pulled her arms over their shoulders so that they could more easily share her weight between them. As they drug her away, her feet dragged in the dirt behind her. A third hooded saber picked up her bloody shirt and rushed behind them.

Jenna turned her attention to Nayla as Trysta was dragged away. She slowly walked towards Nayla so to allow her anger to build. She let her eyes reflect what her emotions were experiencing. Her black robe flowed around her with each step. Jenna drew upon the darkside and felt its power answering her commands. ‘Trysta had faced her punishment with courage, now it was time for Nayla,’ Jenna thought as her rage built.

Jenna watched as she slowly walked towards Nayla. She felt Nayla’s fear and savored it. In Nayla’s eyes, Jenna saw fear. The kind of fear that a prey has when it realizes that a predator is upon it. Jenna may be pregnant with Graff’s child, but she was no less a predator. She watched Nayla back up out of fear, ‘wrong answer, little mouse’ Jenna thought licking her lips. She watched Nayla back right up in to a waiting Frija. Jenna saw that Frija had her fan at the ready behind her back.

Nayla was trapped and she knew it. Using her free hand, she reached for her Lightsaber as her other hand gripped the whip. ‘If battle is what they want,’ Nayla thought but her thought was cut off. Panic filled Nayla's mind as she felt Frija's razor sharp fan tips pressed up against her throat.

Frija placed her free and on Nayla’s hand and her Lightsaber. “Let’s not do anything foolish, Nayla,” Frija said as she moved Nayla’s hand away. She carefully removed the lightsaber from its hook and held on to it.

Before Nayla could react, Jenna grabbed Nayla's other hand that held the whip. Darkness flowed around her in such a degree that it couldn't be missed. Jenna was drawing upon the darkside as she pulled and forced Nayla’s arm up between them. “Two loyalties were tested today,” Jenna said. Her voice corrupted by the darkside. Her eyes had turned more yellow with red trim, or more commonly known as Sith Eyes.

Nayla grunted as she tried to fight Jenna’s grip. She struggled to keep her arm lowered between them. The more she struggled, the more it hurt her. There was a determined look in Jenna’s eyes as she forced Nayla to raise her arm up. Nayla knew that Jenna had called upon the darkside to enhance her own strength. Slowly Nayla was losing the battle of wills with Jenna and her arm rose still holding the whip.

Nayla's faced twisted in pain as she tried to fight Jenna. She attempted to summon up the darkside to serve her in this moment. However, to her surprise it failed to answer her call. Nayla couldn't explain it, she suddenly felt disconnected from its power. She looked and saw Jenna’s face smiling back at her. “How!” she asked

“The Lord of Darkness, is the Lord of all darkness,” Jenna said coldly with a smile.

Nayla’s hand and whip were between Jenna and Nayla, while Frija’s fan pressed up against Nayla’s throat. The slightest of move and Nayla would be dead before she realized it. Jenna’s eyes drifted to the whip as she forced Nayla’s hand to open. The control setting was set at twenty. Nayla had no choice but to drop the whip or her wrist would be shattered.

As the whip fell to the ground Jenna’s eyes moved back to Nayla as she cocked her head to the side, “you were told,” Jenna said coldly. Then added, “no more than five” Nayla let out a short scream as Jenna continued to twist and squeeze her wrist. “Defy me again, and I’ll kill you.”

On that note, Jenna summoned up the darkside as she reached out and held Nayla’s arm. Her hand continued to turn over while holding Nayla’s wrist tight. The motion forced Nayla's right wrist completely over. The sound of twin bones breaking could easily be heard. Both her ulna and radius bones ripped and tore through the skin of her arm. Jenna pushed Nayla wrist all the way over till it touched the backside of her arm. Nayla let out a scream that got the attention of many who still lingered.

She used Nayla’s broken wrist as a means to pull Nayla close to her. Her flesh ripped from the action, “Do I make myself clear!”

Nayla was in terrible pain from the broken arm, as she looked up at Jenna with pain across her face. “Y…..yes…..Jenna,” Nayla said.

Jenna nodded and let the broken limb go, “go get it patched up, you will be on the vanguard of tonight’s battle.”

Nayla looked up in horror, “my….my arm won’t be healed by then!”

Frija pushed Nayla away from them as she said, “you should have thought of that before you defied Jenna.”

As Nayla made her way from them, Jenna pulled up her communicator. “My Lord, are you pleased?”

A bluish image of a man wearing a wolf’s head came to life. His identity obscured by the head, “I am most pleased. Knowing where Trysta’s loyalties stand will help further my plans.”

Frija remained silent as Jenna spoke, “Yes My Lord. Our spies have reported that the Twenty Seventh plan to launch a final attack on the Jedi Temple.”

“Yes, My Queen,” the image said, “Move your forces to the Temple, and help secure it.”

“When can we expect reinforcements,” Jenna asked.

“As you had suspected, My Queen, I am still tied down and will be delayed for another week,” he explained.

“My Lord, now that we have blooded their nose,” Jenna said in concern, “Auro will surely aid the Twenty Seventh.”

The figured shook his head, “Auro is a good man, but he is no soldier. We gave him a choice, and he will choose to leave this world. The Twenty Seventh is broken, and the Fifteenth doesn’t have the personal to support the rest of the Jedi Forces on Olivan. Without Auro and his battalion, the war is all but lost for the Jedi,” he said coldly. He raised a finger, “Auro or his battalion won’t be a factor on Olivan. You make sure your forces are in place for the final battle.”

Jenna bowered her head, “yes My Lord.”

On that the image faded as the link was turned off. Jenna turned to Frija and smiled. Using the force to communicate, Jenna explained that ‘the Lord of Darkness had arrived and the finally battle is upon us.’ Using telepathy like this was a drain on her. But it was important to relay the right information in such a way that Master Milani’s spy wouldn’t know. In that moment, Jenna only said, “we have our orders.”

Frija reached out and took Jenna by the arm, “My Queen, I know you will be upset with me.” The tone and action got Jenna’s attention. She turned as Frija released her arm, “Our Lord has commanded me to carry out a mission.”

Jenna appeared confused, “what is, this mission,” she asked.

“My Queen,” Frija said softly, “the Lord of Darkness has commanded me to led this final mission. You are to remain here.”

Anger crossed her face, “That bastard!” Jenna felt her rage building again, “I have planned the down fall of Master Milani for months. Moved the pieces around the board with care and precision. Now when the moment to kill the Twenty Seventh is upon us, he robs me of the honor!”

“My Queen,” Frija said once more, “please understand. You are so close to giving birth. He only means to protect you from harm.”

“I know why he has done this,” Jenna said harshly, “because I didn’t tell him about my plan to allow myself to be captured. This is pay back for that.” Her anger started to bleed over in to her speech, “tell me Frija, I am right.”

“No, My Queen,” Frija said truthfully, “I was given my orders before we landed on Olivan.”

On that Jenna’s face softened, “oh” was all she could say.

“Please, My Queen,” Frija said softly, “he loves you. We all love you. No one wishes to see you harmed. Please, follow this order,” she begged. “Please obey, our Lord.”

Jenna felt defeated as she nodded, “fine,” she finally said. “Come, I have much to explain to you about my thoughts on this final battle.”

High above them, a lone figure dressed in dirty clothes carefully moved the holocorder back to his pocket. He had been snooping around the complex ever since they learned the Partisans were using it. Vital information that a spy aboard the Vengeance reported to Master Milani. Being one of very few Olivanese who were still loyal to the Republic made him a vital asset on world. The fact that he was a highly trained Republic ARC Trooper meant that he was irreplaceable.

Once Master Milani learned of this place, she hand picked him for this critical mission. It took almost no effort to walk in with another refugee group. For the first few hours, he snooped around hoping to find something interesting. Unfortunately, he didn’t find anything useful. However, he finally has something important to report. The Partisans are going to support the Rogue Jedi at the Temple. Their only hope for reinforcements are over a week out. It was the perfect time to crush two of the major factions on Olivan. He had to get this information back to Master Milani.

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