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Rebecca Pander
04-12-2015, 07:31 PM, (This post was last modified: 04-14-2015, 02:37 PM by Akirapryde.)
Rebecca Pander
[Image: cowgirl-model-with-rifle-david-campione.jpg]

Shadow/Family Name: Rebecca Pander
Stage Name: Raven
Year of Awaken: 2001
Born: December 24, 1988
Hometown: Wichita Falls

Extraordinary doesn't even start to describe the CENSORED family. A family that can trace its legacy back to the sixteenth century in Essex Co, England. And some within the family even suspect that its family ties go back even before the rise of the Roman Empire, though this has not been proven. The CENSORED family under its shadow name of Pander is not only known across England and the United States but also across the shadow world of the mages.

One such ancestor of the CENSORED 's was CENSORED CENSORED was a colonial magistrate and administrator in the Province of Massachusetts Bay. He was in charge of what have come to be known as the Salem Witch Trials, first as the Chief Justice of the Special Court of Oyer and Terminer in 1692, and then as the Chief Justice of the Superior Court of Judicature in 1693. In these trials he controversially accepted spectral evidence (based on supposed demonic visions). Unlike other magistrates, he never admitted to the possibility that his acceptance of such evidence was in error.

This family trait of not yielding or seeking forgiveness has helped path the way for their raise within the Silver Ladder. Known for their powerful Mages, the Pander family is one of very few magical dynasties within the United States' and a die hard supporter of the Silver Ladder. The Pander family's devotion to the Silver Ladder has never wavered or faltered. It has become something that they have been known for across the shadow world of the super natural. But halfway across the United States, a storm was on the horizon and destiny was calling the Pander Family.

Rebecca was born in Nashville, Tennessee just hours before Christmas Day. Her birth came at the apex of a series of tornadoes that left a path of destruction across Tennessee. Because of the unusual forming of these tornadoes, there was little warning for those caught in the path. One such Tornado was a powerful F4 tornado which touched down shortly after 6 am in the Rebel Meadows area of northwest Franklin just a few miles from the hospital where Rebecca was being born. The tornado moved northeast at 45 mph towards the hospital, leaving a spotty path of damage. The damage was severe along the path that the tornado took towards the large hospital. There were fears during those final hours, that the hospital might have to be evacuated. However as rapidly as the series of twisters formed, they started to disperse one at a time.

As the communities slowly started to craw out of their shelters, the destruction across the area was painfully clear. Despite the fact that only one F4 twister was recorded, the number of F3's and F2's were recording breaking. These medium level tornadoes caused wide spread damage across the state. The Earth had been gouged by the twisters leaving behind long paths of destruction. Property damage across Tennessee was estimated at well over $250 million dollars. Over a thousand structures were destroyed. Several communities reported many of injuries and deaths as a result of the storms that rolled through the area. To this date, the storms of 1988 have remained on record as being the worst storms to hit Tennessee in recorded history.

Sadly, Rebecca's mother died during child birth and her father was killed during the night of storms. Little Rebecca was born in to this world alone and with no family. But fate stepped in when Harvey Pander heard about the newborn with no family. Mr. Pander, who had been in the hospital during the storms, took the new born in to his arms and fell in love with her. His money paved the way to a speedy adoption, his love for this new born created a lasting bound between Rebecca and himself. A few days later, the infant arrived in her new home in Wichita Falls, Texas. Rebecca became the newest member of the Pander family. Her adoption was completely concealed as well as her own birth records. A cover story was quickly created by the Lone Star Silver Ladder to ensure that no one would ever discover the truth.

As a child, Rebecca was always a very positive young girl. She had a way of filling a room with laughter and cheer. Her early childhood was nothing out of the ordinary for a young girl raised by a family of ranchers. She wore jeans and boots while she learned to ride horses from her older brothers. The youngest of six Pander siblings, Rebecca was surrounded by older brothers who all took to looking after her. Though being a member of the Pander Family came at a cost. Discipline was often harsh and even by some standards, brutal. One core principle that was conditioned in to the Pander children was, Faction over Blood. The lesson was simple, 'We are Silver Ladder. Nothing else trumps our loyalty.' Harvey Pander carried on centuries of teachings that ensured that the Silver Ladder and the Panders would never drift apart.

While Rebecca loved her family, it was her father who would remained her hero even to this very day. Since the day of her birth, his heart beat often filled her memories. She held him high and to him, she would forever be loyal. The two had a very close relationship during her critical years. Even before she was awoken, he introduced her to the world of magic and the arcane teachings. This began with hearing tails of a wondrous place called Atlantis and the bravery of its Kings. She often was put to bed with bed time stories of heroic deeds done by powerful Kings who protected their people from vile villeins called the Timori. Or stories of modern heroes who defend the real world from the murderous order called Seers of the Throne. These modern tails were always portraying members of the Silver Ladder as heroes defending the weak and helpless while other orders failed to raise to the occasion.

Later her exposure to magic came through studying the academics of Magic, the shadow history of Atlantis and the war that lead to its real destruction. As her childhood studies grew her mind slowly became open to other possibilities and more important to magic itself. It was Harvey's goal to ensure that once she awoken, she would be on the path of becoming one of the most powerful mages to walk the Earth. For Rebecca, one of her fondest childhood memories was when her father took her to see a Penn & Teller. Despite having a working knowledge of the real thing, it was in that moment that she fell in love with illusionists and stage magic. The draw for her was that these two brought both mystery and laughter to those around them. Her dream was to fill the world with laughter and mystery.

While her love for stage magic was normal for a young girl with a active imagination, it was her father's role in the super natural that would continue to guide and shape her life. He remains a powerful Magister who currently sits on the Silver Ladder's Supreme Council. His shadow name is known and revered across the Lone Star State and within its super natural realms. A man who is both well respected and rightfully feared by allies and enemies alike. Known for his single minded determination and his drive to serve the Silver Ladder. By all rights, it was his drive and his family's influence that created the Silver Ladder in the Lone Star State to what it is today. In doing so, this came at a cost to other organizations. Most notably the Free Council, whom he viewed as a dangerous threat to the Ladder's rise in power in the Lone Star State.

A few months before her thirteenth birthday, Rebecca's hometown of Wichita Falls was ravaged by a number of tornadoes. It was the second outbreak of twisters that week during a series of storms that crossed the region. Rebecca had been spending the night at a friend's house when the sirens started to sound. As the family rushed for a shelter, Rebecca instead became lost in the moment. Lost and seemingly confused, she wondered from the safety of the house and in to the storm filled night. After the storms passed, it was feared that she was killed by one of the twisters. However as the sun rose she was spotted walking along the side of the road back in to Wichita. Rebecca seemed completely unaware of her own physical condition as she offered to help others who had suffered under the wrath of the tornadoes.

The first people to set eyes on the missing girl were a local deputy and a family. Like a fallen angel she limped towards the group stumbling on debris across the road. Those witnesses who saw her first were taken back by the blood covered teen as she asked if anyone needed help. She stumbled once more and then fell over. Paramedics were called as the deputy did everything he could to help Rebecca. Her injuries appeared as if she had walked through one of the twisters. It was clear that Rebecca was in shock over what happened by the way she just kept asking from the ground if she could help anyone. She was taken to a local hospital for further treatment and her family.

Rebecca explained to her father what had happened to her during the storms. She said that the storms had called out to her by a name that she was not familiar with. In a voice that sounded like a hundred angels, she heard them promise that she would not be harmed. She recited how she was confused by the name that they called her. But she felt as if she couldn't resist the storms. She recited the story of how she walked through the night while she listened to the storms around her. They spoke of strange things and whispered secrets of a mother and father lost to her. As she wondered through the storms, she spoke of having no fear for her safety or of the storms.

She said that it was not long that the Archangel Raguel flew down and landed beside her. He had looked down at her with a smile as he held out his hand. She took his hand and they walked together through the storms. She told her father, that Raguel told her that her journey was just beginning. That if she was to finish her journey, that she had to remain true to what was right and wrong. That her faith would play a critical role in what laid ahead. As her and Raguel's walk came to a close, he turned and held out a scroll made from the bow of a scale and a arrow. He asked for her signature upon the scroll and she gave it without question.

Laying there on her hospital bed, Rebecca confirmed her father's suspensions. His daughter was no longer a sleeper. She had awoken in to the realms of the super natural. However, it was time for Harvey to let Rebecca know the truth of who she was. He told her about how she came in to their family. He explained how her mother and father loved her very much but were taken from her on the very day of her birth. He also told her that all of her brothers were adopted just like she was. He made sure that she knew that no matter what, she would not be alone in what was coming before her. No matter what, her Order would help her along the way and stand beside her.

Harvey explained how each of them, were mages just like she was going to be. He explained about how the fairy tails that she was told as a kid were all true and how he had slowly opened her eyes to this world long before her mind was opened to it. Rebecca listened to the truth and accepted it without question. In her eyes, the man before her took on an even more heroic role. When he had no reason to take her in, he accepted her as his own flesh and blood. He taught her and helped her become something that might not had been possible if he had not adopted her. Her upbringing had been harsh but it had allowed her to become ready for what now laid ahead of her.

She laid their and was grateful for her family and more importantly, she was grateful that she was Silver Ladder. She would become a defender of the weak and helpless. She would be like those brave Atantean Kings and Queens that she had heard about as a child. In secret she had long hoped that one day she could be like them. Now she had a real chance to fulfill this childhood dream. But she also knew that she had much more to learn before she could reach that dream.

Rebecca's faith became the corner stone of her emotional make up during her training. Even though she was a head strong teenager, she put forward all her effort to learn as much as she could about magic and casting spells. However, despite her family's legacy, she never really lived up to what was expected of her. Rebecca had access to some of the most talented mages across Texas, who all came at her father's request to teach her. However she was always behind her bothers and other apprentice when it came to learning matters of the occult or casting. If another apprentice would pick up a spell in a few weeks, it would take Rebecca a few months to learn the very same spell. This weakness started to show its self in Rebecca's training. Mentor after Mentor started to loss faith in Rebecca's ability to become a fully realized mage.

Despite having multiple mentors trying to teach her, Rebecca just wasn't picking up on how to manipulate magic. It was her frustration with her own weakness that fueled her anger and caused her to refocus and push harder. Long hours of studying and practice would end in only lack luster results, but this never stopped Rebecca from pushing herself. Even though she was raised in wealth and privilege, it was expected of her to be the best in all that she did. She was required to maintain prefect scores at school as well as picking up her spell casting abilities. Failure was met with a trip to the barn and a long punishing ordeal. Because of this harsh upbringing, Rebecca refused to accept failure with herself or her mastery of magic. She knew that her trials were just beginning.

If other apprentices were allowed to slack off, Rebecca wasn't. Regardless of rather it was her father pushing her or if she pushed herself, Rebecca showed her metal by never giving up. It didn't take long for others in the Lone Star Silver Ladder to see that she was being groomed for much more than an average Mage. Rebecca never bothered with the whispers behind her back. Instead she withdrew inward as she spent long lonely hours either studying or practicing. It was during this time, that she relied on her faith more than ever. Unlike other Mages, Rebecca was able to merge her Christian faith and her magical gifts. For her, these wonderful abilities were gifts from God, and her Awakening only solidified this belief.

As Rebecca was changing on levels she never imagined, so too was the Silver Ladder in Texas. The organization started to take on a more Right Wing philosophy which was championed by the Pander Family. Thanks to decades of work, the Lone Star Silver Ladder gained its powerful foothold across the Lone Star State. Its membership either held key political offices, or otherwise controlled them. Even within the Silver Ladder as a whole, there was a rift growing. The Lone Star Silver Ladder had arisen to become a force in the region that could no longer be dismissed. The Lone Star Silver Ladder had the Pander family to thank for its rise to power. Sitting at the head of this new power base was Harvey Pander, who was known as the power behind those in power. While he only uses this power to help further the goals of the Silver Ladder within Texas, the greatest expression of his influence would come when he had to save his only daughter.

In 2004 Rebecca and a group of friends were walking along the side of a country road when a drunk driver swerved off the road and ran in to the group of teenagers. In a blink of an eye, bodies were cast across the grass like rag dolls. Two were dead within moments of the impact, others had to be life flighted to local hospitals. One of Rebecca's older brothers had been hit by the drunk driver and was fighting for his life. The drunk driver fled the scene long before any law enforcement could arrive. In the chaos and blood, Rebecca was driven to anger like she had never felt before.

Drawing on her powers, she looked through and saw who the driver was. Rebecca knew that the man was well known by the community for being a drunk. While her family were on their way to the hospital, Rebecca instead snuck away from the scene and returned home. She took her father's pistol and set out for revenge. It wasn't long before Rebecca found the driver at a local bar. She waited for him as her anger continued to grew long past her ability to control it. She waited for the man to come out with the intention of making the man surrender to the police.

When he finally stumbled out of the bar, she confronted the driver and an argument ensued. He dismissed her as he turned and fumbled with his keys. It was clear that once more he was going to get on the road and drive drunk. In a clear case of revenge, Rebecca shot the man in the back. She put a single bullet in the back of his chest. Shocked over what she had just done, she dropped the weapon as other patrons of the bar rushed out. There she stood looking at them as she knew that they knew she had killed the man in cold blood.

It was later learned that the man was in undocumented migrant from southern Mexico. The killing propelled Rebecca in to the public light. The large defense team hired by her father painted the killing as an act of public defense. The Right hailed Rebecca as a hero while the Left was horrified by the tide of support for the teenager who shot and killed a grown man in cold blood. Rebecca under her shadow name, Rebecca, was tried in federal court for the killing. Each day during the trial, Rebecca was dressed up in her Sunday best and her numerous roles at church at school and in other charitable groups were paraded around the court room. The victim however was demonize for his record of drunk driving and his 'criminal record' (being deported twice, arrested for domestic violence). During the trial and at her father's demands, Rebecca never took the stand in her own defense.

In the mystical realms however, the situation was very different. The man was awakened and held status in the Free Council. The killing threaten tensions between the Silver Ladder and Free Council. During the trial Rebecca's defense team released a open letter expressing her apology for what happened but it was carefully crafted but didn't accept any guilt over what happened. With her faith in her father during the entire trial, Rebecca remained silent. It was this blind devotion that truly earned his trust and loyalty in Rebecca. What played out in that trial became a political battle between the Free Council and the Lone Star Silver Ladder. In what should have been a easily battle to win for the Free Council, the Lone Star Silver Ladder pulled an upset against its ideological opponents.

To the surprise and outrage of the Left and the Free Council, Rebecca was only found guilty of wrongful discharging a firearm. She was found innocent of the remaining nine charges that were leveled against her. With her loyalty to her father and her Order proven, Rebecca was given permission to speak on her own behalf during sentencing. There before the entire State of Texas, Rebecca stood dressed in a light blue Sunday dress. She spoke softly and meekly as she told the jury and the judge how sorry she was over what happened. She recited a carefully written speech that was written by professionals and approved by her father. While she wished that none of what happened that day had to occur, she accepted that it did occur. And she alone would have to live with the memories of that day. She didn't ask for forgiveness or mercy in her speech. Instead she only asked the jury that justice be served.

The Court agreed with Rebecca and sentenced her to serve six months in a light security facility and five years probation afterwards. The sentence wasn't even half of what she could have faced. The killing and trail afterwards became a testament of the influence of the Lone Star Silver Ladder. This testament rang across the region with thunderous cheers by members of the Lone Star Silver Ladder and its overt political wing. The Lone Star Silver Ladder had come in to its own. The political and dynamic of the region would forever be alerted and Harvey Pander's authority would not be challenged from within the Silver Ladder or from outside it.

For Rebecca, she had proved beyond all doubt of her loyalty to her Order and her family. Something that had not gone unnoticed by her father's rivals within the Silver Ladder. During the trial, there were some who suspected that the murder was orchestrated by Rebecca's father. The reason for the plot could have been to force the former regional leader of the Silver Ladder from his post and help a personal friend and ally of Harvey Pander in to that post. With this change, the Silver Ladder has removed the last of the hurdles for the Lone Star Silver Ladder's continued raise in the Lone Star State. This and other political changes within the Lone Star Silver Ladder and its larger organization, The Silver Ladder, only gives fuel to these rumors.

After her incarceration Rebecca was accepted in to Baylor University where she forward her Academics and Science degrees. It was during this time that she met life long friend, Kira Gatewood. Much like her own family, the Gatewoods were a powerful and influential family within the Lone Star Silver Ladder and within the Texas State Government. Even before the two young women met at Baylor, the Gatewoods and Panders (both Shadow names) had been long time political and mystical allies. With the Panders offering financial assistance to help forward the agendas of the Gatewoods and the Gatewoods returning political muscle when it was needed. The two made for prefect bedfellows.

A poster child for the NRA, Rebecca took part in her first public function in 2008. At her father's request she told her story during a Second Amendment Rally on her father's ranch in northern Texas. The event was a politically charged event with mystical ties. It was the first time members of the Lone Star Silver Ladder met in mass to show their support for their cause. While the nation as a whole was starting to lean to the Left, the Lone Star Silver Ladder took a chance to flex its political muscle driving the state further to the Right. Winning a number of key victories across the state, the event was not taken lightly by other mystical factions within the state. Even the more moderate factions of the Silver Ladder finally set up and took notice of what was happening in Texas. For Rebecca, this event launched her career in public performance.

During her probation, Rebecca showed off her ability to be the 'Prefect Citizen'. Well planned public service events were carried out. Her father paraded her from one public function to another on the weekends while she attended University during the weekday. During this time, her magical education was also moving forward. However despite all her best efforts, Rebecca was still behind other apprentices who started many years after she did. Her slow progress seemed to only drive her frustration even higher as she felt like a failure in her father's eyes. If this was the case, he never showed it. Instead, he made sure that everyone knew how proud he was of her. Once her probation was over, Rebecca's family pushed to have her Rights restored under Texas Law. During a large event hosted by the NRA, Rebecca celebrated the return of her Gun Rights. Her father gave her a pair of Colt pistols to celebrate the event.

Shortly after returning to Baylor, Kira was invited to a party at a local home. At Kira's request, Rebecca attended the party also. During the Party, Kira and Rebecca were separated for a time. What happened during those lost hours would reshape Rebecca for the rest of her life. Kira found Rebecca naked and drugged in a upstairs bedroom. Kira rushed her friend to a hospital where it was learned that Rebecca had been brutally raped by multiple persons. The timing couldn't have been worse for her father as this happened during a critical campaign time. Like a good soldier, Rebecca remained silent at her father's request and the entire event was soon brushed under the rug. Official documents of the event were 'misplaced' and witnesses to the crime found themselves unable to recall the details of why Rebecca was in the hospital in the first place. Like a passing rain shower, the event was soon forgotten by most. But not Kira and Rebecca.

Her drive for perfection in her academics came to blossom when she graduated Baylor University with Honors. Despite her very busy schedule, Rebecca was able to graduate in the top five percent of her class. She went on to further her education at the University of Texas where she got her Masters in Architecture. Even though her family paid for her school, Rebecca never wanted to have to survive off of their help. To help fund her education, Rebecca took to preforming in local Night Clubs as an Illusionists. With her best friend, Kira, by her side, the pair became very popular in the local night clubs that they preformed in. Despite her history and conviction, Rebecca quickly made a name for herself as a rising star. It was clear to the two young women that they had talent for performing. After the pair completed their education, they both decided to take their show from local bars and night clubs to the open road.

However the open road would prove to be a harder challenge then the pair first realized. Their first official performance was in San Antonio, was played to a partially filled theater. The show had to be canceled half way through the show due to a fire backstage. The rest of the performances that year were hardly note worthy. Plagued with technical issues and under trained staff, the shows were a disappointment to the show's backers and the pair alike. But it was Rebecca that took the disappointment the hardest. Rebecca took the failure personally and blamed herself for each and every mistake that happened. They cut their first official tour short after they were unable to sell enough tickets to cover their costs.

Unwilling to accept help from their parents, the pair decided to return home and work on their acts. Driven by the desire not be a failure, Rebecca doubled her efforts on their show. She took to the drawing board and put her degrees to the test as she worked on creating a show that would be like no other. While Rebecca was doing the technical aspects of their show, Kira was working on the design and theme of the show. Kira quickly became a valuable resource for ideas as Rebecca turned them in to reality.

For the next six months, the pair worked on correcting a number of key issues that caused their first shows to fail to impress. Rebecca pushed the troop to practice long hours as they worked on their new shows. Rebecca expanded the rehearsals to cover everyone. Even the stage hands were brought in to the rehearsals. It was Rebecca's hope that by having everyone at the rehearsals, that she could get a broader image of where more work needed to be done. By watching everyone and everything, Rebecca got a much better image of the show as a whole. She knew what she wanted, she wanted the shows to be open and inviting. She wanted to dare the audience to look as closely as possible to find the 'trick' of the show.

The work up to their next tour was long and hard. To Rebecca's disappointment some of their stagehands left the show. But enough remained to carry on with the show. With only a few of their most loyal stagehands remaining, the pair finally had a show worthy of the open road. The next year, the pair returned to the stage at the Gatewood Theater in Austen, Texas. The turn out was far from what Rebecca had hoped for, but she was not discouraged. She would make sure that they all would put forward the best possible show. However, there was a surprise to the entire troop of performers. One man in the audience that was more than note worthy.

Governor Rick Parry had accepted an invitation to attend at the special request of Kira's father. When the two found out that the State's own Governor would be there, they came up with a plan that would go a long way to help future shows. At points in the show, they invited members of the audience up on stage to help with different acts within the show. The first one they invited up was none other than Governor Parry. Like the politician he was, he took to the stage like a bright star. In an attempt to break the ice and set the tempo for the show, Rebecca suggested for their first illusion was to make the Nation's runaway debt disappear right before everyone's eyes.

Playing his part perfectly, the Governor suggested it might be a tall order. Laughing, Rebecca offered something more simple then, she offered to make the Governor favorite watch vanish. The two played off each other for the ten minute act perfectly as Rebecca made the Governor's watch vanish. A few more political jokes later and the watch was discovered in the Governor's own pocket. While they didn't do anything special while the Governor was on stage, thanks to the playful and joking nature of the first act, the audience was able to loosen up and by the end were laughing. And this was just want Rebecca wanted of them. To have a good time at her show.

By the time of the short intermission, the audience was laughing and enjoying themselves. Rebecca was really starting to believe that their show would be a success. After the intermission, it was time to roll in to the show stopper. The audience stood in disbelief as the next illusion was set up. To everyone's surprise local fire fighters were brought in to ensure the safety of the theater. While the stage hands were setting everything up, Kira and Rebecca (under the stage names of Phoenix and Raven) explained that what everyone was about to see was a highly complex illusion and that it shouldn't be tried at home or by anyone. However the set up was taking longer than expected. Thinking on her feet, Rebecca walked to the edge of the stage and took a seat as Kira followed suite.

Speaking in a more serious tone, Rebecca talked about domestic violence. She knew that she had to buy time for her stagehands to complete the set up. Rebecca spoke of stories relayed to her from friends. She spoke in a soft and heartfelt tone about the victims of this violence. She quoted passages in the bible, such as 'Husbands, love your wives, and do not be harsh with them.' (Colossians 3:19) And, 'Love is patient and kind; love does not envy or boast; it is not arrogant or rude. It does not insist on its own way; it is not irritable or resentful; it does not rejoice at wrongdoing, but rejoices with the truth. Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.' (1 Corinthians 13:4-7). Her words rang out across the audience in a way that only a performer could hold their attention.

Once the illusion was set up, Rebecca and Kira explained the what the audience was about to see. Before them, as Rebecca and Kira explained, the performers were going to reenacted a Witch Trail. Extras and dancers were brought on stage to add a sense of Broadway to the show. Kira was brought before Rebecca (playing the judge and executioner) as a witch under trial. As part of the set, Kira was found guilty of witchcraft. It was to the shock of the audience that Kira was ordered to be burned at the stake. As dancers flung around the stage and the music picked up, Rebecca pretended to drag a kicking and screaming Kira to the stake to be burned alive. Many in the audience were visible shaken by the set but no one took their eyes off the stage.

For all the audience to see, Kira was chained to the stake as wood was piled around and on to her. As Rebecca stepped away, an extra handed Rebecca a large torch to light the fires. In that moment Rebecca hesitated causing the audience to get a reflection of the serious nature of this illusion. Moments later, Rebecca tossed the torch at the pile of logs as she backed away. Flames burst up from natural gas jets around the stake giving the illusion of a massive raging fire. As the flames rose and the Audience stood in disbelief as Kira's voice could be heard calling out on dark servants to save her. Some in the audience even cried out for someone to rescue poor Kira. It was at the prefect moment of suspense that Kira showed up standing just behind Governor Parry and his wife chanting "Burn the Witch!"

The stunt shocked the audience and forced them in to a three minute ovation. Governor Parry said after the show that it was worthy of big Texas Salute. However the audience were not the only ones to be shocked that night. Donations after the show poured in. Rebecca and Kira never expected donations. The following morning, the two went the local Fox Network and announced that they were matching the donations and giving the total sum to some battered woman's shelters. This would create a trend that their show would become known for.

For the rest of that touring year, Kira and Rebecca played to growing fans across Texas. Their show stopping witch burning illusion was becoming a major hit across the state. At the end of the year, Rebecca and Kira were left in a position to out do themselves once more. This next move came in the form of a book written by Kira called, "We'll Never Tell." The bold book went on to debunk their stage performances and shed light to how some of their illusions were done. It became a top seller in Texas and was decried by other illusionists. The following touring years, the pair upped their shows by adding new technically challenging illusions that played in to Rebecca's degrees and Kira's Wiccan faith.

But most notable, the pair have made a name for themselves as being charitable. A trade mark of their shows came at the beginning of each show where they ask the audience to donate for some noble charitable cause. These causes reflect the pairs deep faith and desire to help other's in need. They have been known to work closely with the Make a Wish Foundation and other foundations that work with troubled or sick children. During one show, Rebecca and Kira actually brought a child from the Make a Wish Foundation and made him an honorary Illusionist Apprentice. But the pair's favorite charitable cause has always been the Battered Woman's Shelters. Over the next past three of their touring, the pair have raised millions of dollars for charities across Texas. In 2015, the pair's first national show was scheduled in Colorado. While their fame has not been limited to only Texas, it will make the first time they preformed outside of Texas.

Rebecca enjoys a larger than life personality that is as large as Texas. While she is friendly and open, she can be a biter woman once scorned. Her temper is well known across Texas, which has only fueled her raising fame. She is very open about the fact that she killed a man and has no problem speaking about it openly. She has never shied away from the subject and claims justified in her actions. Her devotion to her faith and her family are unshakable. But thanks to her father's upbringing, her core believe is Faction before Blood. Meaning in her heart, she is and forever will be Lone Star Silver Ladder. She is well known across the Lone Star Silver Ladder for both being a rock of their beliefs and as a rising star within the order. Though her slow development has over shadowed any ambitions her father might hold for her. Which to Rebecca is just fine, as she loves what she does.

Personal Non-Christian Philosophy taught to her as a child:
'Thoughts are magnetic. What we think about, we attract. What we think about expands and grows. What we put our energy and attention on starts to show up more and more in our life. And the energy we project through our thoughts is the energy we receive.'

Colt Single Action Army (Replica)
Cartridge .45 Colt
Action Single action Revolver
Feed system: 6-shot Cylinder
Weight: 1,048 g (with 7½" barrel)
Length: 11" (279 mm - with 5½" barrel)
[Image: LW-001-04.jpg]

Winchester Model 1894 (Hunting Rifle)
Cartridge .45 Colt
Action Lever-action
Muzzle velocity 2,490 ft/s (759 m/s)
Feed system 7-round internal tube magazine
Sights Leaf rear sight,
barleycorn-type front sight
[Image: 1_rifles_winchester_model_94__3030_43132.jpg]

Her butterfly knife. Notice the hand guard, it is styled off of a trench knife.
[Image: trench-butterfly-knife-silver.jpg&maxx=300&maxy=0]

Rebecca has a tattoo. The non-colored side in on her left shoulder blade while the colored side is on her right shoulder blade. The pair are evenly spaced on her back and are about four inches tall. Melissa paid to make sure that the details match the below image perfectly.

[Image: tumblr_meptswjuUH1qecbdlo1_1280.jpg]
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RE: Rebecca Pander
The above back story HAS been approved by the Narrator. There have been some changes made to this back story in the first half of the story which covers her childhood and awakening.


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