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09-13-2017, 06:58 PM,
Elironda's Chronicles
The raid on the Foundry was a resounding success. But it almost wasn’t. Despite the plan being rather simple and sound, there were issues before they even started. Gar was adamantly opposed to liberating the slaves let alone Arwen’s mother. In fact, it didn’t go unnoticed by Eli that Gar, a person that Arwen considered as close as a sister, failed to even tell Arwen about the possibility that her mother was enslaved at the Foundry. An omission that deeply bothered the winged elf, and cast doubt on Gar’s loyalties.
Gar was deadest in her desire to go and see the King. Gar was excited that she could claim that she completed those stupid Hobgoblin trials. Eli found the assertion laughable. Gar hadn’t really completed anything regarding the trials. It was Kaleb who had figured out the first trial. It was Farrali who had successfully saved Gar and her Hobgoblin ward from a trap that Gar had stumbled in to. Then came the battle with the other Hobgoblin. It was Arwen, Kaleb and Farrali who deserve the clear majority of the credit that victory. One fact that bothered Eli was that Gar was more of a hindrance to the party than an asset.
At the end of the battle, the Hobgoblin’s took her hostage and nearly forced the party to surrender. If not for the timely arrival of Dimple, Gar might have been killed or the party would have been captured. It was after that battle that Gar took on her second ward. Then came the final challenge, a large chamber with a low ceiling. Once more it was Farrali who discovered the key to this challenge. It was only during opening challenge that Gar was even remotely helpfully, but she shared that with Dimple and the rest of the party.
While Eli find this whole challenge business silly, it was beneficial to the party as a whole. Eli had hoped that those lessons would have been picked up on by the unofficial leader of the party. Sadly, the Foundry proved that hope to be in vain. Gar not only missed an opportunity to do something for Arwen, she missed an opportunity to lead the party. It was a valuable weakness that the Cave of Fire had exposed. The Foundry was meant to be something that could unify the party on a common goal.
Gar refused to join the raid, even when Kaleb had. But the real disappointment came when they returned from the raid. Eli made no effort to hide the fact that her intention was to free all the slaves. The fact that Arwen’s mother was there made that effort much more reachable. Yet Gar was steadfast opposed to it. Something that Eli couldn’t understand. It was Arwen’s mother and yet Gar simply turned her back on it. Eli had thought, hoped that once they were successful that Gar would see the potential.
Farrali Kaleb and Arwen led eighty slaves, five wagons and twelve horses back to the party campsite. There was a great sense of pride within the party. It was well earned pride for taking on a much stronger opponent and besting them. As the party walked up to Gar, any hope that this would be a happy reunion was dashed. Gar was angered over the arrival of the freed slaves. Eli expected the hothead to be anger at her, but Gar’s reaction to Arwen left Eli near speechless. Watching Gar leave the party with her two Hobgoblins appeared to be a painful blow to Arwen and Kaleb.
All of this left one question, where to go from here….

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