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Prism, The World of Magic - Kunanaki - 09-20-2017

Welcome One and All to the World of Magic called Prism.

This Forum will be a Repository of Stories and Questions related to the world as it is created, as well as need to know information. All information presented is considered OUT OF CHARACTER History knowledge.

The world of Prism is infested with Do. The substance flows through the ground, in the air, and far above as twisting Leylines. At points that seem to be almost random in scope, enough Leylines can converge to create a Well of Do. This Well provides liquid creative and destructive power that seethes and bubbles with potency for a time period before dissipating and moving along at random. Kingdoms of power Organically grow around these Leyline Convergences, the Wells, to utilize the raw Do for their own purposes. The Gridlock, a Lattice of Leylines running the Cardinal directions as a web around and inside of the planet, run in Parallel and Perpendicular Lines. The Scrawl comprises of the wild and free lines of Do that intersect and create the Convergences, making Wells that can be tapped.

Do in raw form has the effect of Burning out the Central Nervous system of whomever or whatever is immersed in it. Land can become twisted or grow verdant on catalyst, Beasts evolving into various new things that only vaguely represent what they were if they survive such immersion. Humanity has taken on Refining the raw substance into Liquor, to ease the consumption and potentially wielding the substance as raw will and intent. It has become a new Tool, and they have created an edible Mage Core to those who react positively to help foster the central power source from the body.

Do Wine, and Do Brew are the two substances that are prized greatly as a chance to change one's fate. The question is, Mortal Man, are you willing to draw on the raw primal elements of what Isn't? Dare you consume the Brew and Eat the Egg of fate?

RE: Prism, The World of Magic - Kunanaki - 10-02-2017

The first session is something like an invitation to a party. Handwritten notes are delivered to each selected Prospect. They are invited to come to a place in the woods to which the cards themselves draw a black ink arrow towards like a Compass. After arriving, they are greeted by a short sallow faced man by the name of Yes. Yes speaks of trials and tribulations, and offers them all the chance to become Mages.

Needless to say, the offer was taken up universally. Our prospects were put through trials of intelligence, cunning, and combat to gather up Letters of Power that hint on what was needed. Drinking raw power and surviving the flood of Do without burning out the nervous system was one of the more pleasant situations that were brought to them in the Concrete Survival building that seemed endless of hallways and kegs.

The Plinth of Portents greeted the clever users of Mage Cores who figured out how to use true seeing, giving them all individual challenges and testing the group skills of each. In this, one of the characters perished.

The Challenge of Courtesy began with the player insulting Zero, a Fat feaster of jolly mannerisms. Pushing him out of the feasting hall for the wolves in the literal manner, the Player began to do everything but defend himself. Trying to scale a building, running around, and eventually even offering snacks did not dissuade the beasts. Eventually Violence was had upon the wolves, and two of them perished in the tall grass surrounding the Demense. There was a rustling, and a Wolven Cerberus of the living and two brothers who had died burst forth to slam him through the building into a table. Back was broken, then knitted together with clever healing. Feasting food was offered to each maw in turn, but there was no mercy in the eyes of the living pup of murder.

He died, amongst delicacies and tapestries depicting victories for Good and Evil minded Mages. His name was lost to time.

RE: Prism, The World of Magic - Kunanaki - 10-12-2017

The tale of Ged the Affable, and his brother Smokey the Half Shown, begins with an invitation as well. Coming from the Family of Orphan Performers, they arrive at the concrete building. Tests are aced with Intellect and Friendly Nature, though the brothers themselves are split during the trials at the Pedestal.

Ged challenges a person to a game of Chess, to test the Mind.

Ged challenges a person to a game of combat, to test the Body.

Ged challenges a person to a game of hide and seek, to test his Soul.

Ged arrives at the conclusion of devouring the Mage Core. This is of course after saturating his body with Dew and exercising wielding the powers of the Core frequently. It tastes a little like an egg.

Ged exchanges the knowledge to the rest of the Initiates, gaining power that is nebulous and without purpose yet. At that moment of vulnerability, Yes comes out to congratulate them. Proud new mages for the Guardian Branch he happily states. This happy afterglow lasts for all of a few moments, before the whole of the room is introduced to the sky.

Green Mask, adorned with a mask of Green and a Dark Cloak stands above the shorn roof. Diagonally the cut of emerald beam had been, slicing so thin and fine that Yes did not realize that death was at hand. Head peeled and flopped to the ground, cut from top of ear down to jawline. The Initiates scattered in fear and awe. Ged said Hello.

Green Mask "Villianous Dogs, practicing magic for vile purposes!"

Ged "A new trainee, just started today!"

Green Mask "....? What? The information stated this was a training ground for a Terrorist Group named the Guardian Branch. That man there is a known collaborator."

Ged "I just got an invitation and swallowed an Egg or something. Do you have any tea?"

Green Mask invites Ged after a few more questions to a Tea party with his associates. They talk, and decide to take him along to meet Triumph. Triumph was a leader of the Draconian Dynasty, and could properly pass judgement by peering into this strange soul.

RE: Prism, The World of Magic - Kunanaki - 10-16-2017

Persona Dramatica

<The Party>

Ged = Traditional Robe and Bald head monk with long hair. Order of the Wilting Flower. Symbol of 4 flower petals in various states of dropping off of a circle. Talks to everything friendly like.

Gewis = Power Scepter General of Past Lives. Lives for battle and friendship. Shy at taking charge.

Chaz = Tallest Clan Giant Dwarf. Looks like a lumberjack. Canada ho!

Cecil = Black Trenchcloak wearing katana user. Likes speed and getting lost.

RE: Prism, The World of Magic - Kunanaki - 11-03-2017

Coming to the City of Hailon via Bubble Teleporting was rich and colourful. Distance being shunted by imagination of the experience from the Travellers by way of bright and shiny colours. Colourful madness slipped by until they arrived at a Dark Tower on a Hill. This tower was made wholly of that sort of stone carefully carved in intricate interlocking.

In short, they had taken the time to make the solid surface to look well maintained and together. The escorting Draconia Dynasty cloaked figures guided them down the stairs to the basement. The hill being deep and hollow to allow a nurturing ground for the Planted Leader of the City. Overseer Triumph, a Petal dragon whom was responsible for the northern Leylines and Humanity oversight.

Triumph was a writhing mass of vines in the shape of a large lizard with wings upon back that were folded. The excavation of the cavern system was to accommodate the needs of nutrition for such a hungry mangle of bracken and flower petals. Eyes were a verdant green, and voice was a soft tone of patience.

Ged, Chaz, Gewis and Cecil were all appraised by the Dragon. Newly created beings that were capable of destruction and chaos if left unrestrained. So they got vague threats if they misbehaved, and when they seemed alright were given a cookie of mental connection. That cookie allowed them to share names and thoughts with each other, if they were polite. A boon of sorts for interparty communication. Almost like a secret Skype.

Wasting humanities potential was not a thing to do lightly. The young tool users were swiftly kicked out and pointed vaguely towards the Crossroads. They were watched by Alabast for a time, to see if they'd immediately start trouble in civilization. When it turned out they were currently a harmless and confused bunch, that following dwindled away. Sort of a Parole Officer that can judge if you're going to be a tart. Tartless but capable of being Retarted, they were treated well in the city by the mostly happy folk.

RE: Prism, The World of Magic - Kunanaki - 11-03-2017

The city itself was of the mind that buildings could not wholly be surrounded by the sameness. This lead to the odd happens of 222 Over There Street, which had Residents mixed with a Vetinarian Place, a Chinese Resturant, and a Layhouse for Pets. Also a Pet Alliance favorite of a Park for Pets. Cats and Dogs were a common affair, no matter where you went.

There were no walls, and Police Constabulary(because the word is challenging) moved to handle the day to day herding. Homelessness was not quite rampant, but Vagabonds were pushed either towards the Crossroads to do the Odd Jobs that Jobs didn't quite cover, or towards a Rehabilitation. Those that didn't get the message were herded towards the Forest occasionally.

That was not Ged's band's fate that day. They headed to the Crossroads, situated in the middle of the town, to look for work. The crossroads was a building that had one corner of it on each side of the main throughfaire in the city. NW, SW, NE, SE were all represented as 1 / 4 of the building. When one entered any of the smaller two story brick buildings, it was bigger on the inside! Almost exactly as big as all of the buildings smooshed together.

People were congregating there. It was a hodge podge of eatery, jobbery, and travellery that only a layover at an airport working for the USO could compete with. The jobs were dependent on the proven skill of the troubleshooters, to which the Band was currently the new kids on the block. They got <Fetch the Pets>, <Kill the Toadlies>, and <Cleanse the Town> as starting missions that offered rewards.

So after gathering supplies and spending some coin, they were off into the world itself to see what was in store!

RE: Prism, The World of Magic - Kunanaki - 11-03-2017

<Kill the Toadlies>

Fred Lohan of the Lohan ranch had cows. Fred loved his Family, and he loved his cows. His ranch was rectangular and big, big enough to have a house and a milking barn and all the Cheesery workings he needed for Cheese.

Cows had free reign, and were tended to by Ranchers and Herdsman. Meats and Cheeses were the cornerstone of Fred Lohan's industry, and he loved his family. His family was Rosa, Childs, Portman, and Lee. Fred Lohan was friends with the Mortician. The Mortician knew people you see, and when Fred's cows started getting hurt that's who Fred went to.

The Mortician suggested that the Crossroads Crew be used to get rid of the Poachers who were hurting Fred's Cows. Cows that were healthy and happy being snatched away. Fred could count, and there were rarely any signs but for numbers going down. The only thing Fred saw was big old indents in the ground that looked like three long lines and a ball.

To be Continued.