Full Version: Act One, Scene One
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The long patrols begin far away from the major shipping lanes and the rebel ship the Kalish.
"Personal Log, Commander V'rol Stardate 53941.83. The Captain has proved to be much less adept than my previous captains at avoiding unsubtle punitive measures from his superiors in response to ignoring orders given to them, a tradition that is perplexing. The society frowns upon such, having several explicit penalties for performing such acts, however the penalties are rarely observed in favor of one fitting the outcome of the situation, in this case convoy duty. I shall reflect on such experiences if and when I am given a command of my own. Computer, end log."

Without a moments pause he proceeded to his professional log. "Executive Officer Commander V'rol duty log Stardate 53941.9 The number of crewman late of absent from their duty shifts has been increasing since our move to convoy duty and is currently at 2.7% greater frequency than when were were on an active operation with the fourth fleet. The lack of discipline an issue that has resulted in a 1.98% drop in average response time from the crew. The far and large reason given by supervisors for the rise in absent shifts has been boredom, though this differs from the official reported reasons.